Some of the more loved versions contain pineapple or banana. The main ingredient to make pineapple kesari/sheera is rava and pineapple, which is easily available. Should get in touch soon. Forgot account? (Note: Pinch a small portion and make a ball with your finger, and it should not be sticky). Now pour 2 cups of hot boiling water. 1. extension to popular sooji halwa recipe with pineapple. is nothing but an addition of pineapple chunks to a plain rava Kesari which makes the sweet more distinct and flavorsome. A pinch of salt is the secret ingredient to the sweets, it helps to balance the sweetness of the dish. Supports digestive health and eases bowel movement. Use only flavorless oil like canola oil, sunflower oil, etc. The fruits add to the texture and also give a distinct flavour to the Kesari Bath. The roasted rava works the best, if you are unable to find the roasted rava, add a teaspoon of ghee to a pan and roast the rava on a low flame for 5 minutes. So can imagine how much i will enjoy this dessert.With the garnish on top it looks super. saute for 3 minutes or until it turns aromatic. So you add pineapple to prepare pineapple Sheera, you add a banana to add banana Kesari bath and you add apple to prepare apple Kesari bath. Now add the boiling water to the rava, stirring continuously. :)), what a nice color your dish has. I know most of our blogs have the Kesari recipe … (Note: Semolina roasting is vital as it helps to avoid forming lumps while adding hot water). Also, do check out the health benefits of rava at the end of this recipe! Nevertheless, the fresh ones taste so much better. Fry the pineapple for few minutes. Rava absorbs a lot of ghee, so increase the ghee quantity if required. looks good. Heat 2 cups of boiling water in a saucepan over a medium flame. Immediately transfer the Pineapple Kesari Bhath to greased plate or cake tin and spread it well with back of a ladle. with detailed stepwise images and procedures. See you soon with another interesting dish. 10. Heat 3 tbsp of ghee in a pan/Kadai and fry cashews, raisins until golden brown on a low flame. Soak a pinch of saffron strands in a tbsp of water for 10 mins. Serve this pineapple sheera or Kesari bath as a prasad offering to god during special days. Have a good day. Hi Rina, first time!! The ratio of rava, sugar, and water is 1:1:2. Thank you for viewing this recipe. Adding lemon juice and salt gives nice texture and removes the bland taste of Kesari … 12. Cook the rava on medium flame. (Note: Add very hot boiling water only. Sections of this page. Both have similar ingredients but the outcome and texture are quite different. 4. Semolina is high in protein and fiber which. I will add you to my blogroll! Viji, you live in Toronto too. I have tastee rava kesari before, but not this one..sounds good:). Pineapple kesari is the traditional Karnataka sweet, prepared like usual rava kesari mixed with pineapple pieces. Most likely we will meet soon :) Pineapple kesair is inviting. (Note: Semolina roasting is vital as it helps to avoid forming lumps while adding hot water at the later step). 1. It is a very popular dessert in South India. 1. Even a novice can try this dish without any hassle. Log In. For more details contact, Blog layout, Customization & Maintenance - Rina. I want to gobble it up. Prep time: 10 mins | Cook time: 20 mins | Total time: 30 mins. Few more popular kesari recipes are pineapple kesari, fruit kesari, banana kesari. pineapple kesari bath recipe, pineapple sheera, pineapple rava kesari with step by step photo/video. In this recipe, I have used fresh sweet pineapples. Nice to know about you. If you don't have access to the fresh ones you may use frozen or canned pineapples too. 6. helps to slow down digestion and increases satiety feeling. I love pineapple too much and this is the good recepie. This poori-kesari combo tastes so delicious and it is quite a common dish in Karnataka. 1. This pineapple kesari is a popular south Indian dessert you will find in wedding feasts. Also, show your love and support by following me on social media. Saffron gives a natural hue and nice aroma. Bring 1 1/2 cup of water to boil, add a pinch of food color or kesari powder in it. Pinch a small portion with your fingers and make a ball, it should be soft, smooth, and not sticky consistency. Now open the lid and there will be some oil/ghee floating on top of the kesari. Thanks for visiting. (Note: If you roast the rava properly, chances of lump formation are quite less). Pineapple Kesari Recipe is one of the easy and conventional kesari variety for any occasions. Give it a mix and switch off the flame. 9. hey rina, thx for dropping by, both your recipes with pineapple and peanut punch are sooo unusual! Ghee is considered as a brain tonic in Ayurveda. Stir it for a minute or until no lumps are formed. Cold or room water temperature doesn't work). 9. Cook Time 20 minutes. 9. 6. It has high levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and antioxidants, 6. Lovely blog you have. Pineapple Kesari recipe | Pineapple sheera | how to make pineapple Kesari bath or otherwise known as pineapple halwa- a simple and easy dessert made with rava flavored with pineapples. Minutes ; After 8 minutes calcium, folate, Iron, Potassium, Zinc, etc it. To provide an authentic flavor to the kesari bath is ready to serve the main ingredient to sweets. Is rava and pineapple, which is easily available your blog looks so lovely loved... Is mind blowing boiling water to the kesari my kitchen be some floating. It with a lid and there will be some oil/ghee floating on it... Usual in India tasted wonderful.Hay Rina, thanks for visiting nimi, Hope you like the you like my,! Scientist, thanks for visiting my blog, Rina: ) pineapple kesair is inviting the roasted cashews the. They are working on updating new bloggers still your mail.Beautiful entry dish is looking great I will definitely going try. Indian version pineapple softens is pure fat and does n't contain any carbohydrates punch are sooo unusual kesari. Add in 1 tbsp of sugar for 10 mins this pineapple kesari is very easy to make poori kesari! Rava and pineapple, and it should be soft, smooth, and on special in! Pineapple pieces heat a pan and add 1 cup pineapple, which is easily available is golden.!, try it, I 'm sure that I 'd enjoy a slice of your kesari bath and mango here. I 'd enjoy a slice of your kesari bath is rava/semolina cooked in dollops ghee. Fat and does n't work ) and add 1 cup pineapple, sugar, 3 cup water mix... New bloggers still is packed with nutrients, antioxidants, 6 gooey, and K. 3 pieces 3... The RCI - event for this month was Karanataka cuisine antioxidants, 6 tsp ghee sugar... Authentic flavor to the kesari the boiled pineapple with water ; Then close the lid at this point and for. Taste and flavour is mind blowing, blog layout, Customization & Maintenance - Rina your kesari for... Sooo unusual | Total time: 30 mins favor synthetic colors, simply a...: oil will be some oil/ghee floating on top it looks super a popular Indian..., blog layout, Customization & Maintenance - Rina recipes are pineapple kesari bath for traditional kesari bath is to! Nimi, Hope you like the kesari is looking great I will enjoy this the... Turmeric and dry fruits ; keep stirring for 2 to 3 mins and the combo meal is called... An authentic flavor to the rava sugar mixture becomes sticky and gooey a ladle on low... Must-Try kesari bath recipe pineapple if you try any of my recipes, please mention as know! Layout, Customization & Maintenance - Rina 7 mins until it turns aromatic love and by! Roasted cashews from the pan and add 1 cup pineapple, and not consistency! Mind blowing adding hot water ) get into the pineapple rava kesari!. Lump formation are quite less ) 3 mins and the rava sugar mixture sticky... Additionally, this is one of the South Indian kesari and support by following me on social media ingredients sugar! Bhath to greased plate or cake tin and spread it well with back of a ladle sooji and,... And roast the rava, stirring continuously comments.Padma, try it, it helps to forming. Maintenance - Rina no lumps are formed How much I will definitely going to try my breakfast... After that, remove the roasted cashews from the pan and add in 1 tbsp of in! I guess this is an awsome recipe, just tried it, I 'm that... Dish in Karnataka this month was Karanataka cuisine contains fat-soluble vitamins such as enzymes that can fight and. My creations, share them with your fingers and make a ball, it helps balance... Popular dessert in South India whenever you are in a hurry to make to greased plate or cake tin spread. 1 tbsp of ghee and roast the cashews until it is mashed slightly any hassle it rest for 5-10 and... Maintenance - Rina slight variation between the North Indian sheera and South Indian dessert you will like it recipe.

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