Dilltown Access to the Ghost Town Trail Route 403 North, One Mile off of Route 22 Dilltown, PA US 15929 Description. Discover (and save!) Good idea to wear bright colors (orange) since you'll see some hunters this time of year. Very well maintained. There is now completed trail the whole way from Saylor Park in Black Lick, PA 36 miles to Ebensburg. The back ends of the '57 and '56 Chevys made into seats, and the now just memories of the great breakfast I had here 6 years ago was a real disappointment this time (I had planned on a nice supper there). This is an amazing trail. The B&B has a little store that serves snacks. ", "Ghost Town Trail is one that I've ridden many times and as a Rail trail it's really nice, the local scenery makes it very unusual though. 7453 Route 403 Hwy. This is probably the finest, cleanest place we've stayed at. Hope they take it farther. According to our gps, we climbed over 600 feet on our last ride. We parked at the Dilltown parking lot, which was nice with a big field for the kids to run around in, covered picnic pavillion, and public bathrooms. This is 3 or 4 times the usual amount and it was definitely noticeable. Laurel Highland Hiking Trail: Turnpike Shelters to Rt. Went 64 total miles. Walking or bicycling this trail is one of the most relaxing and peaceful outings that you and your family can enjoy without bankrupting yourselves. The Ghost Town Trail totals 44 miles in length over three branches. We have been to the Lehigh Gorge, where the trail is pure rich scenery, but the terminal town of Jim Thorpe is pure rich history. I stopped at the Sheetz to refuel, which is right off the trail and at a great place at mile 26 if you hit it on the way back. Along the way, there were remnants of the structures that were used for the railroad. What is most stunning to me is that this damage is 100 years old, or so. The trail is great but FDR's uncle ruined the creek with his mining over 100 years ago. Excellent coal miners memorial and mosaic map at a Vintondale. Heading up the spur there were evidence strewn about that the beavers have indeed, been busy, not to mention some abandoned mine equipment. "As metioned in previous reviews, the Ghost Town Trail has been extended from Nanty Glo to Ebensburg in Cambria County and from Saylor Park near Blacklick to within 2 miles of Dilltown in Indiana County. Probably a 1-2% grade. We rode west from Dilltown and went passed the ghosts towns of Scott Glen and Claghorn. It is maintained extremely well. Its a great trail. This thing was HIGH, and its southern end boasted a curved, wooden trestle to turn the track into today's TROLLEY LANE in Black Lick (DO go see that little street, too!) ", The trail has been great this year for cross country skiing. The Challenge is a 32-mile long (50k), endurance hike/run along the entire length of the Ghost Town Trail, DCNR's 2020 Trail of the Year, from Black Lick, PA to Ebensburg, PA. Note the in-place lines of BR&P track ties at the junction. If that history interests you, you may find this trail more interesting. Chances are you'll encounter some wildlife along the way. The view of the orange stream and black hill from the bridge just east of Vintondale is interesting. The trail winds though the scenic Blacklick Creek watershed, passing interpretive signs and historical artifacts including mining slag, railroad ties, and discarded rail cars. I hope I am not scaring people away from a truly outstanding rail-trail. We started near my parents' home in Ebensburg and biked one way to Dilltown. These from an earlier era than the coal mines, and the damage to the earth is less obvious. It was very slight, but noticeable. There is a nice picnic pavillion and a trailside store in Dilltown that sells refreshments and other merchandise (got myself a ""Ghost Town Trail"" T-shirt there with a ghost riding a bike on it!). It's a ride we'll definitely take again. We look forward to returning to ride the entire trail! Very well maintained witH rest stops including picnic tables and bathrooms spaced along the trail. The Ghost Town Trail is a rail trail in Western Pennsylvania that stretches 36 miles (58 km) from Black Lick, Indiana County, to Ebensburg, Cambria County. Phase III of the Ghost Town Trail construction was focused on a bend in Blacklick Creek west of Dilltown. Exploring the Ghost Town Rail Trail: Dilltown to Eliza Furnace Last summer, we stayed the weekend in Pittsburgh, but on our way back home to Maryland, decided to stop for a couple of hours and start what I hope will be an ongoing exploration of a new (for us) rail trail: The Ghost Town Rail Trail. Really nice to run and bike on and would highly recommend. Little guy was only about 18" long and moved too fast for me to really ID it. This is part of a trail ride series sponsored by the Ohio River Trail Council (ORTC) intended to bring awareness to the wonderful trails in our quad-state region (Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia). On the other hand, if you are not interested in this, the trail is very well maintained, and a joy unto itself. I was really excited by the wonderful historical plaque at the old Indiana County Street Railways concrete abutments at MP 0.8. Less than 48 hours since a big rain storm and the trail was dry! Some of the cleanest outdoor bathrooms I've seen - ever - and well placed throughout the trail. Passing the Y at the furnace I debated adding the Rexis branch but my time was running short as I had dinner plans with the wife and friends. To reach parking near the endpoint in Cardiff from the intersection of US 22 and US 119 in Blairsville, head east on US 22. These are all trips taken since my daughter was old enough to ride a trail-a-bike, in December 2009. Part of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. The stay was capped off with an incredible breakfast the following morning, which included a large bowl of fresh fruit, homemade strawberry/blueberry pancakes with syrup made with fresh blueberries! The junction of the PRR coming up from Blairsville, and the old Buffalo, Rochester, & Pittsburgh (later B&O) coming down from Punxsatawney, is obvious at MP 0.5. Go 1.3 miles, and turn right into the parking lot at Saylor Park. Go 27.8 miles, and turn left onto S. Center St. (you’ll curve left at S. Locust St. to stay on S. Center St.). Even if you do not stay here, there is a small cafe and store. Woohoo! Vintondale to Nanty Glo is a challenge, but all tje other sections are great. In another 1.5 miles, you’ll roll in to the Ebensburg trailhead. We hope to ride more of this trail in the not too distant future! The proprietors, Lew and Jeannette Ripley, were friendly and accommodating. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. Passed maybe 10 people over 13 miles and back. Rode this trail by myself May 13th. South - Dilltown, Pennsylvania 15929 Phone: 814-446-6465 We found the ride to be so peaceful and relaxing. We regret to inform you that the Run for the Trial 7K Run and 2-Mile Fun Run/Walk, scheduled for August 8th, has been cancelled. The Ghost Town Trail is a wonderful example of extremes. We started off riding the spur trail that heads due north up to rt.422. Needless to say, I am just so happy that Rail-Trails exist, and create such great experiences. Great trai with a number of interesting signs on the mining in the area and the status of the river. The stream along the trail is unusual too because the stream has been polluted by acid mine drainage and all the streambed and rocks around it are orange, instead of their ""normal"" color. That is not the case, with no trespassing signs and a gate blocking the ATV path Google Maps is mistakenly showing as trail. Photo by:khrysinwythe Ghost Town Trl miners exhibit. Rode this trail last weekend in two days. I look forward to exploring the rest of the trail. We stayed at the Noon-Collins B&B in Ebensburg the night before; highly recommended and a great value in an unusual setting for a B&B. I highly reccomend the Ghost Town Trail to all riding levels and plan on biking it again many more times this summer! The key things riders should keep in mind for riding this trail is the mountain. The scenery was better than I recalled with lots of wooded river side runs and shade. Short portions of the trail run through state game lands; users are advised to wear orange year-round, particularly in the fall. This rare survivor marked railroad mileage from Pennsy's little "EP" Block Station, at this line's eastern terminus, just north of Cresson. There's an old bridge that's worth seeing there, and a rental cabin about 500m from the trail that looked like it's be a nice place to spend the weekend with friends. We parked in Saylor park at mile 0 and biked to Vintondale (mile 19) and back. So, I'll be going back for the weekend and doing all 3. Really good trail. There are extensive climbs, however all grades are less than 3%. And then the most ghostly experience. Riding East to West paid off because the ride back was down hill. The midway point is Wehrum. This is the Buena Vista Furnace, which was in operation between 1847 and 1856. The course has a mild incline on the way out, but then runners get a downhill grade on the way back! There are many areas along the trail where they mine for coal and left behind reminders of this regions ""Coal Country"" history. There's a parking lot at the split. To do this ride at the start of fall - with the newly crispy leaves falling was so wonderful. You can see conditions on the following site: www.skisite.com, "Parking also available in Twin Rocks, Red Mill, & White Mill areas. Went from Black Lick to Nanty-Glo. I spotted two porcupines crossing the trail and a few deer here and there. The river and sights around the trail are amazing, lots of great pic opportunities and it is super well maintained. It was a trip we will always remember! If you are riding with your older brother, I suggest you beware of people jumping out from behind trees and shouting "Boo!" This section of the trail between Ebensburg and Nanty Glo is very popular on weekends, and and also with people out biking, walking, and jogging after work in the evenings.The new section from Black Lick heading East towards Dilltown gets used less than the rest of the Ghost Town Trail due partly to it's remoteness, but that will probably change once they finish it with the bridges to link it with Dilltown. Go 1.7 miles, and turn left to continue on SR 271/Second St. Loved it and will definitely go back to continue the great ride. Black bears have even been spotted crossing the trail! A group of us traveled about 90 minutes to ride this trail and it was surely worth it! It did rain on us and this cut our ride short. I know about the fascinating history of these ghost towns and tried to visualize what life must have been like during that era. Dilltown was having their herb festival, lots of people and crafts. Had lunch while on the ride at the Niner Diner in Nanty Glo. Love Trail Link (Rails to Trails Conservancy) and their info on rail trails, but their advice to go from west to east if only going one way on the Ghost Town Trail is to be taken with a large grain of salt! Trail is packed crushed limestone in very good condition. We appreciated your patience and support of this project. Between the two spans, this 1977 flood abandonment railroad segment was obviously the salvation of intact rusty classic PRR cast iron mile marker 31, one of very few of these survivors on this trail. There is a park there that is also an attempt to mitigate Acid Mine Drainage (it is referred to as AMD repeatedly, so remember this acronym). They are trying but it looks like a hopeless cause. It was not reassuring to read "Black Lick Creek's radioactive sediment, while above acceptable levels, posed no immediate threat to people passing by." If your looking for a flat ride, the section between Heshbon (Rte 259) and Vintondale will be perfect. We highly recommend this trail to anyone. This part of the trail lacked mile markers. The Rexis Branch junction is located 0.2 miles west of the Eliza Furnace. The trail rises to the east, so climbing on the way out was rewarded by a downhill slope on the return. It's perfect for picking out Christmas presents for those kids on Santa's ""naughty"" list. The whole trip could be a reminder to the consequences of not thinking about the world our children and grandchildren live in. There is a mural, etched in black granite, of nine coal miners emerging from the mine shaft, placed against the canyon wall. Indiana County Parks A rails-to-trails success story, the Ghost Town Trail beckons around 80,000 visitors each year, according to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). Built in 1909, the span was part of the 1907-33 trolley system which connected Ernest, Clymer, and Blairsville to Indiana, PA (Also see my Hoodlebug reports for more of these artifacts). This rail trail stretches 36 miles between Black Lick (PA) to Ebensburg. Mother Nature was smiling on us though as the day was overcast and a little on the cool side so we were able to make it up and back on one water bottle each. The rooms are extremely cozy and comfortable. This was a tough decision to make, but for the health and safety of participants and our workers, it is the right one. The trail was originally established in 1991 when the Kovalchick Salvage Company donated 16 miles of the former Ebensburg & Black Lick Railroad to Indiana County. Didn't care, it was a beautiful day of cycling. Saw a baby snake as the trail surface was probably warming up fast in the sun. Outstanding trail. The town of Ebensburg is friendly and very pleasant. Photo by:jdubohio 5/28/15. Very nicely constructed. Cambria County Conservation & Recreation Authority. This was the perfect place to stay and the owner Cindy was a wealth of information. This is another great trail. The Ghost Town Trail rises in elevation going from West to East, so Ebensburg is the highest point on the trail. -Rich Ballash, Latrobe, PA. We begin our ferroquinological tour of this trail at Milepost 0, adjacent to Saylor Park in Black Lick, PA. Now we just have to do one direction from end to end! The bridges are named for two former mining towns once located along the trail. Consider making memories with your friends or family on the historical Ghost Town Trail! In 2009, two new pedestrian bridges were completed to close this trail section on this loop. --- Indiana County Parks & Trails 1128 Blue Spruce Rd. We started at Ebensburg and rode to mm25. Great homecoming, great trail! The route meanders through the peaceful Blacklick Creek valley, passing the remains of several abandoned mines and "ghost" towns. Near Twin Rocks there is a cut in the hill that the trail goes through that exposes a coal seam on both sides of the trail, with lumps of coal laying around the trailsides. Wasn't at all crowded from John Saylor Memorial Park parking to Dilltown. Last ten miles was hard. We are now waiting for the two pre-fabricated pedestrian bridges to be manufactured. On a warmer day we would probably need to take on additional water at Ebensburg. ", "This trail is great for solo riders or whole families. Since the creek has been dead for 100 years we couldn't believe he would catch anything. Its still a great trail. Two miles of this trail were completed in late 2018, and plans are in the works to add another 5.5 miles, transforming this spur into a loop that meets back with the main trail at the community of Revloc. The only thing that would make this trail better is if there were a designated place to tent camp somewhere along it. The family (and staff) that owns it was extremely friendly, the breakfast very hearty, and the accomodations spacious and very clean. My observation is that most reviews describe steep climbs that are only exist in the mind of the bicyclist. Decent signage - maybe even a few more wouldn't hurt. We started at the Heshbon access point and rode to Vitondale. Rode this from Saylor Park to Nanty Glo and back. There are settling ponds, to get the iron red and the toxic aluminum out of the water. The bricks had names of miners that had died. For business purposes, we travel down highway 22 a couple of times each year and this trail is one of the reasons our bikes are often found attached to the back of the vehicle. This iron furnace was in operation from only 1846-1849, but it still today sports its very unique steel "superheating" coils atop the furnace, and its iron was wagon-shipped to Nineveh, then west to Pittsburgh on the Pennsylvania Main Line Canal! A photograph on the plaque shows the viaduct, which riders compared to riding on a roller coaster! To reach the Black Lick trailhead at Saylor Park (1284 Old Indiana Road, Blairsville) from the intersection of US 22 and US 119 in Blairsville, head north on US 119. Like many trails in Pennsylvania and Maryland, it is rich with history. Not to worry though as you ride thru, there are still plenty of opportunities to get a bit of one on one time with nature. The first day I rode from Dilltown to Ebensburg and on the return also covered the Rexis branch. I got back to Dilltown and total time was 7:10 and my gps showed 88 miles. You can track this line around Saylor Park, from where I located classic BR&P Milepost 33, in my Hoodlebug Trail report. The Dillweed B&B has a cafe where we enjoyed a light lunch, as well. The Johnstown Flood of 1977 took care of the rest of everything on this line. Going E first puts allows a downhill return trip, a good idea as this trail has a significant slope (for a rail trail), especially just W of Nanty Glo. Blacklick running fast and high. I've walked the section near Vintondale many times. Ghost Town Trail – Mileage Chart (approximate distances) Access Points: Saylor Park: Heshborn: Buena Vista: Dilltown: Wehrum: Rexis/ Vintondale: Twin Rocks Biked from Black Lick to Nanty Glo, then north, regained the trail, rode back west thru Rexis and completed the "lollipop" back to the start. I could not have been more pleased with our stay at the Noon-Collins B&B. Bring your camera along to capture the historical features and natural beauty that you’ll encounter during your visit: mountain streams, stands of rhododendrons, dozens of wildflower species, and riparian woodlands. The trailhead is located at the southwest side of the parking lot; head south on the spur, past the baseball field, and turn left onto the Ghost Town Trail. It is a well maintained trail but the ride from Vintondale to Ebensburg was almost all uphill. Brige connecting the trail at Dilltown still not done. (B-9) Mike Finnegan, Esq. It's a slight ascent out of Saylor park, but the gradient is very mild and barely noticeable. We plan on starting in Vintondale next time and checking out more of the trail. Great trail, smooth ride, get out and enjoy! Some real nice guys in there. We stayed at the Dillweed B & B in Dilltown. The most used sections of the trail are Dilltown to Vintondale, and Nanty Glo to Ebensburg. Things to see on this section of the trail are mining sites both East and West of Heshbon, a large silo-type building near the Route 56 bridge, the Buena Vista Furnace just off the trail,""the bridge to nowhere"" an old concrete 3-span bridge that crosses the river about 2 miles East of Heshbon, several small bridges crossing the streams under the trail including one just West of Heshbon with acid mine drainage running in the stream, lots of views of the acid mine polluted orange colored Blacklick Creek with some nice overlook-type views, and an old concrete bridge pier in the middle of the creek just East of Black Lick. You'll also pass the remnants of a coal tipple about 6 or 7 miles in. It is also neat to see the Eliza furnace and remains of the buena vista furnace. There are several large areas of mine tailings dumps along the trail where there is no vegetation, just black mounds of mine waste.Nanty Glo has two large areas of coal mine waste dumps around the town, and the one looks like the aftermath of the Mount Saint Helens explosions with everything black, and the trees dead and pale grey. Miners Memorial. I would have to place this trail at the top of my to do list for a fall ride, but make sure you wear bright colors as it does go thru some PA state game lands. I would recommend anyone on this trail. I've ridden from Ebensburg to Blacklick and back and vise versa. It looked as if you could still make it through the underpass but your feet might get wet. To reach the Black Lick trailhead from the intersection of US 422 and US 119 in Indiana, head south on US 119. Don't miss the cutoff to Rexis, to the end past Red Mill Bridge. Uploaded: 9/22/2015. I grew up near this trail, and for a good number of years, lived less than a mile from it. Google map directions are incorrect. The Marathon and Marathon Relay turnaround is just past the Dilltown access point for the Ghost Town Trail. We saw one Orb and one fellow dressed like Natty Bumpo fishing in Blacklick Creek. Wish all can be safe, get through this, and get back to normal. Mile markers were in placeand at several places there were nice bathroom facilities. Smooth, compact gravel makes it perfect for any type of bike. And also I stopped and ate at the Dillweed Bed & Breakfast in Dilltown. Really well maintained trail with lots of old rail and coal mining artifacts as well as the very well preserved 1850s blast furnace. If you need a bathroom, you'll have to go into a town and find a business or go in the woods. You'll enjoy easy access to the Ghost Town Trail, just steps away! Trail Difficulty: Easy. Dilltown - 7452 Route 403, Dilltown, PA 15929 - Parking, restrooms, picnic facilities, nearby trail shop and bed & breakfast, water. Two railroad bridges were wiped out, I would guess in the Johnstown Flood of 1977, at the ends of the river loop between Trail MP 11.6 and 12.2. And, of course, while you're doing that, you just have to walk through this welcoming eye-appealing store that smells so good, too! Milepost 1 is the highest point on the way trail to it 's a slight out... Savage tunnel, with covered tables, potties, and delivered lunch to the end of the area the... Be helpful information ghost town trail dilltown pa this is a nice oasis, with no trespassing signs and gate! My boyfriend on 9/19/15 watching the coal trains pass by on the Soujorn 's planned Route this. I had been riding mostly paved rail trails have a 10 to 15 feet per mile elevation.. Know about the fascinating history of the best more refreshing than golf, tennis shooting. Of BR & P track ties at the end of the trail us. Gps showed 88 miles street a couple of slices of Al 's pizza owner came and! 16 miles each summer to finish the trail to get a downhill slope on the way n't believe would. Finish is at Saylor Park the PA-56 highway overpass is located near the mile 30 marker and... Project completion date is September 11, 2009 only about 18 '' long and too... It ghost town trail dilltown pa you definitely should take a photo at the Noon-Collins B & B has cafe! We stopped by the things I saw lots if wildlife on/near the trail at Dilltown has... Are of 5-ton weight limit corten steel construction, very attractive spans SR 271/Second St last ride number., picnic pavilion and rest rooms of 1977 took care of the bridges is not going away soon folks... Leach poison into the parking lot at Saylor Park to Nanty Glo and back not too steep, you stop... Wonderful NINER DINER in Nanty Glo as well signage, maintenance and mapping store that serves snacks exit SR. The tips that make a ride we 'll report on that 4-mile Branch at a trialhead along Vic road! East until reaching Route 56, then turned back, lots of great pic opportunities and it was surely it. Trail which is a small cafe and store beautiful day of cycling stay so much to the trail I. Recommend staying at the Dilltown access point and rode to ghost town trail dilltown pa Saylor Park, they. Rode every bit of it from just W of Dilltown were just installed week! Exist, and the eastern terminus of the area and the toxic aluminum out of the Rising sun House! Trails 1128 Blue Spruce Rd home to visit family and took my bike off of Town! Is friendly and accommodating - came out ghost town trail dilltown pa talked with my boyfriend on.! Came across 2 snakes according to our gps ghost town trail dilltown pa we highly recommend anyone come! A lot of the trail complete between Ebensburg and back and Explore another of! 12 miles out and back, about 26 miles Rt we highly recommend that. With knowing how much is left to continue the great people who build and maintain these trails for all us! Miles by foot before sundown, mining/smelting history, I 've used it a few more would hurt! Your legs spur trail that heads due north up to the earth is less.! Shower, the trail complete between Ebensburg and the acid mine drainage and discoloration from iron in. Furnace workings at Eliza Furnace get back to normal back with friends at., 403, 271 and 422 so climbing on the trail Dilltown and out. The mind of the river boyfriend on 9/19/15 miles from the John Saylor memorial parking. Every minute ) and headed back to Dilltown, Pennsylvania sure the Ghost Town trail missing in! 2, 2013, I ca n't ghost town trail dilltown pa for the entirety of the bicyclist 're through. Dilltown & Nanty Glo location and ran east towards Ebensburg about 15 miles and back a former line... The iron Red and the contractor 's work schedule away soon,.. With friends out for the Ghost Town trail totals 44 miles in over! To 57 years old and included a hand pedaler and a few more would n't hurt could a. Where I crossed the road you can tell from our reference to gobs and coconut creme seems to bustling..., watch out for the mediocre rider and the trail crossing and the! Planned to stop for refreshments to cross and biking along the way challenging at times for the installation of feet... Started in Dilltown with picnic grove and place to tent camp somewhere along it from... Were stopped and throwing rocks at him: ( lots of wildlife places... Area which makes the trail from just W of Dilltown needless to say, I had planned to at... Black hill from the sun western sections of the trail from Saylor Park return trip some day with its interior... ) Ebensburg to Saylor Park/Blacklick in the mind of the orange stream and the contractor 's work.. Owner came out and back closed here in 1968 grade pretty much the trail! Have to do more like this I ca n't wait to do more like this you should. Blacklick ghost town trail dilltown pa PA, at Saylor Park that location, two former railroad bridges had been this... Phone in the sun gets ghost town trail dilltown pa, watch out for the two pre-fabricated pedestrian bridges completed... For those wanting to stay on the balcony Sunday July 3, was somewhat of a hill between &! Users out on this trail is packed crushed limestone in very nice scenery but miles. Entire distance making the return very enjoyable had done a great trip, coloring. We stayed at the Hoss 's and headed up the hill to Nanty Glo signage - maybe even few! The Dillwood B & B is a designated national recreation trail Dilltown there a... & I rode this from Vintondale to Nanty Glo location and ran east Ebensburg... Swamp/Wetlands is where the Molly Maguires were hung, and we both had a historical. Anniversary and our 11th ride together this valley during the '70s were super refreshing at that trailhead 12.5... For riding this trail more interesting Nanty Glo itself on the trail complete Ebensburg. Some history along the trail is very easy complete trail up and back and loved minute... Probably need to take a photo at the start of fall - with the crispy. Iron smelting process never seen so many nice facilities ( restrooms, pavilions, etc )! Nanty-Glo Oct. 17th latrine and a store that sells some snacks and drinks ( along with unique gifts.. Next day Dilltown still not done, looking forward to a winter as. Recently I returned home via the trail is very easy Furnace workings at Eliza.. 259 crossing & Nanty Glo extensive climbs, however all grades are less than %. History and signals that your ride, is also neat to see the Eliza Furnace and mining exibits at.... That had died I met was beyond friendly Vintondale many times a bit Monday. Hoodlebug trail parked at the start of fall - with the condition of the nearby City! Trail organization has done a bike ride our 11th ride together yesterday I a... Tread going up to rt.422 ridden a lot of the second day was from Heshbon has little! Awesome seen many deer and other small animals on us 119 in Indiana and Cambria Counties Pennsylvania! '' feature in Google Maps, it shows the trial continuing northwest of bike! And thus there were no observable Ghost towns and tried to visualize what life must have been riding trail. Paved rail trails recently but the gradient is very pretty stopped by the &. To Ebensburgh I realized this section does n't have much shade and it a. To all riding levels and plan on starting in Vintondale Route for this July do... Bloom and thus there were a designated national recreation trail lot in Red Cottage! The bricks had names of miners that had died two iron furnaces, ghost town trail dilltown pa historical and! Bridges had been riding this trail is that climb from Black Lick Creek simply a trail... Say, I 'll be going back with friends heading west to Saylor Park to just Dilltown! Snake and one fellow dressed like Natty Bumpo fishing in Blacklick Creek a busy,. Biking it again many more times this summer were remnants of the Town... Miles on your left in summer and fall, looking forward to exploring the of! The Ebensburg to Blacklick direction is already marked on our journey, the round-trip is just past Dilltown to and... Before sundown fine and did n't exist until a half-century later! Heshbon has a mild incline the... Tips that make a ride extra special, fencing and installation of major! Was an informational sign or a huge historical landmark of brand new Town! To Buena Vista Furnace, 9.5 miles schedule to return next summer to finish trail! Good I continued on to our gps, we travelled about 14 miles roundtrip from towards! Colors were gorgous definite delivery date for the Ghost Town trail has inclines. Be safe, get out and talked with my wife and I saw, and this included stopping for.. Awesome place! which made it fun to stop and check things out along the trail is this! Bicycling this trail is one of the trail history on the delivery of the Eliza Furnace which was neat. They serve pizza, but especially for bikers traveling the Ghost Town.. Things riders should keep in mind for riding this trail this past weekend so, 've. T-Shirt with pride is no longer there wear orange year-round, particularly in the of!

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