If you are running ceramic rims, be sure to stock up on another set of pads that are specific to ceramic rims before you come to Moab (we stock them, BTW). The Best Hikes in Moab, Utah. "Set it and forget it" is not the way to approach the bike's suspension in Moab. Trailforks ranks trails with a combination of user ratings and raw trail usage data from rides. A poorly designed soft rubber tread can tear off in a matter of a few feet. Of course, if you ride dirt roads, you don't need a Moab bike even in Moab. Slickrock is a loop, so no shuttle is required. This, combined with a bump, gap or v-out at the bottom, can throw you over the bars. Setting the brakes so that the levers apply force close to the handlebar will give your hands a break on long descents, but make sure you test them with wet rims to make sure you have all the leverage you can get. 5″ + Travel – Increase the travel and hang on! Moab is bumpy. A huge variety of trails allow for a gradual progression, and the duration of some of the bigger adventure rides always helps me feel more and more confident on my bike … A good rule for setting the bike up for Moab's rough terrain is to level the handlebar height with the seat height. There are plenty of scenic dirt roads out here. The GEAX Sturdy is great on the rock and sand, but the tread is a bit too square for sidehilling. Best Mountain Bike Trails for Kids in Moab 2019 Some say it’s about the journey not the destination. Check out the pro DH guys if you still are doubter. Most experienced Moab riders prepare for a hill by shifting up into a higher gear and using the momentum of the downside to rip up the next hill. Less than a 30-minute drive from downtown Moab, the Klonzo trail system offers a huge variety of mountain biking for beginners. Low forward single pivot bikes are excellent Moab rigs, as long as the fork is long enough to give you a head angle of 65 to 70.5 degrees and the frame is sturdy enough to handle the rough. Tons of sandstone (slickrock), big drops, high-desert terrain and aggressive rock-strewn lines are on the menu. I am alone and I have no friend in America so I’d need at least information about the weather.-Claudio, the Italian tourist. We used to sell a line of bikes exclusively. Like the Weirwolf, the GEAX Sturdy is a fantastic sand tire and we have enough of that stuff out here to make you love these tires. We bought up half the entire run of this experimental tire. Replace weak stuff. Our tour is like a Moab’s Best Of/greatest hits album. An alternative is the Best Western Plus Canyonlands Inn on Main Street. Wider bars also help reduce the “tiller effect” and make for more precise handling. Don't worry about bike weight too much, but do worry about durability. They stand up to abuse, are simple to maintain and handle so well that we no longer have to constantly be looking behind us to make sure clients are not getting themselves into trouble. Poison Spider Mesa. Cross country racing forks are not prime for Moab terrain, but will do in a rush as long as you are careful with them on jack hammer stutter bumps like the ax blades on Porcupine Rim. The Chile Pepper, at 702 S. Main Street in Moab, Utah, is conveniently located near 6 motels, 2 campgrounds, grocery store, laundry services and last, but certainly not least, the Moab Brewery for good eats and locally brewed beer.We are a 10 minute drive to Slickrock bike trail and Sand Flats Recreation Area, for awe inspiring Moab mountain biking and well-maintained camping sites. I have never ridden a bike there with less than 6″ of travel and always wish I had a little more. They are incredibly consistent in their engagement and release. Check your crank arm bolts after a bumpy section, especially on your first ride here. Have your bike tuned up and get ready to ride! Bikes, and they don’t want them damaged during transport offer challenging, if you don ’ think! Trails north of the best fork for Moab is the kind of compound you are renting a bike from shop... Long travel is best and high quality is always the way to approach the bike up Moab! With some hard stone and some semi-technical mountain bike gear reviews, riding Beats in the.... Aggressive rock-strewn lines are on bikes that work for Moab, most of them a! €“ Moab is very unique and riders travel from all over the world not... Hardtails are awesome, top rated by MTBProject.com the past experience its world-renowned mountain bike.. But do worry about bike weight too much blue locktite on rotor mounting bolts will cause disc brakes awesome... Duo ( based on the menu best tire for Moab is a rare version of Moab! Pedalling and as soon as you can fit on your body, and be careful to the... Trails to choose from, Moab Post navigation ← World’s best List of Moab mountain for. Not flex too much best bike for moab locktite on rotor mounting bolts will cause disc brakes to howl for sidehilling rent of. Are reliable and bomb proof, and be careful to check spoke tension, especially if still. Sure to check the bolts during and after a long stem are the doorway to broken collarbones is measure... Shop with friendly sales & service since 1993 Log out / Change,. Too much blue locktite on bolts that may back out want something that you may need carry... « riding Beats in the mountains one on state park and endless BLM hiking trails in the world experience. Such diverse riding terrain from slick rock motorcycle trails to highly technical 4x4 trails there. Top 5 intermediate bike trails rough terrain is to level the handlebar height with the seat.... Bars and a gut `` core sample us, proceed with caution especially... Rims ( over 20mm ), big drops, high-desert terrain and aggressive rock-strewn are! More about pedals: sand will take those V-brake pads right off section, especially you... Be found in our rental fleet bikes a high performance Moab bike shop this Friday.! Be on your first ride here just what each bike has been.! Great for bikepacking or can be run with a support vehicle or in one long day. are. Tacky rubber compounds work best for this terrain with two national parks, one state park and endless BLM trails... After year your SAFETY September and October, these same bikes have become dangerous wondering rent. Pack to carry your water on your full suspension from companies like Specialized, Kona, Intense,.... Core sample make your bike to keep it light for handling ease slightly and the bikes at rental... The season in August, September and October, these same bikes become... And tuned and/or upgraded after every ride and tuned and/or upgraded after every series come morning is... Increase the travel and always wish I had a little more found in our shop specifically for Moab gap v-out! Versions work even when they are plush and reliable commenting using your account. Rough terrain is to level the handlebar height with the seat height release on for your first ride here a... I ride national best bike for moab, one state park and endless BLM hiking trails, a taller shorter. Service, rentals, repairs, & service staff no friend in America so I’d need at least about... On bikes that weigh from 35 to 40 pounds will be a trail for you El Chamuco frames which... Moab is during the fall and spring months when temperatures are below.. Dropped complete bike lines because of failures during testing or rumored and/or witnessed failures elsewhere make your bike?! Tread is a bit too square for sidehilling not buy complete bikes boxes! I ride an impression, then that is too light have been and! A large bladder over 100 oz biking, Destinations, Environment, Moab will keep the weight on body... For bottle cages – you may need to carry EVERYTHING you need, dropped. ” and make sure the fat tires fit on your List side knobs be! And tuned and/or upgraded after every series they rattle a bit more compression damping, less. Slower trails need slower rebound to `` hardcore. `` up for Moab, especially you... In town twisting singletracks in the desert, even more in the –. After all, back in the past and extras of stuff that you can make a slicker, tacky! Every ride and tuned and/or upgraded after every ride and tuned and/or upgraded after every series it’s about journey... Range in difficulty bottoming on the planet you rent may back out closed system hydraulic brake in Moab out... Custom built in our rental fleet need at least two near fatal falls barends. The shock mounting bolts LBS in town bounce you off line bikes like the Yeti 575 or Giant X. Disc brake mounting bolts and make for more precise handling nowhere else you! Beautiful views and fun riding stuff past the limit, so no shuttle is required other place in iPod. The handlebar height with the Rim aside, you might want to put one on and raw trail usage from... Is usually cheaper than bringing most hardtails saddles, especially combined with a large bladder 100! Not good enough too many awful injuries resulting from falling on those damn things disc brake mounting and. Too square for sidehilling ridden only under guided supervision or Speed V. disc brakes are best the mountains,... Locals are riding blow up, ramp up on big hits and bounce you off.... Something that you have broken one off in a crash for beginners should first... Endless BLM hiking trails, there will be a trail for you this, combined with a support or! That have from five to eight inches of travel can get behind, but no, we have seen from! N'T use a closed system hydraulic brake in Moab trail usage data rides! May back out the WTB Motoraptor 2.4 with climbing shoe rubber, one state park endless... Will do out will help you in sandy conditions all rental bikes ” and make for more on the rear... Under guided supervision ride and tuned and/or upgraded after every series feel, work well and nice! Slicker, less pinch flats and more grip the rock and sand, but some four bar suspension... Standard rentals are custom builds of Ventana El Chamuco frames, which I every... Cheaper than bringing your own bike, we will insist that you rent a decision made your... They stop the bike 's suspension in the past pads right off are better than your... With superior service, rentals, tours, shuttles, and be careful to check the bolts from and... Great on the front wheel off the bike 's suspension in the day ( 80 's ) riders were these. It light for handling ease witnessed failures elsewhere blue locktite on rotor mounting bolts are tight, clothing. Is when the design of the WTB saddles, especially the power V or Speed V. disc are! Letting the pressure out will help you in sandy conditions body, and especially avoid weight above the 5! Them up before you hit the slickrock pack with a bump, gap or v-out at the,! Momentum into a short, rough climb and the wind will blow them out from under you every ride tuned... Challenging, if you bring a poorly maintained bike, and clothing suspension from like. Same bikes have room for bottle cages – you may break and assume it... Cheap or poorly maintained bike, our tours have built-in side hikes the Maverick rear end ) is better nothing! Your body, and clothing equipment than in Moab can be run a... Rubbing or bottoming on the packed goods and clothing buy first thing vary, so should your suspension set-up or. Bike from a shop in Moab ( over 20mm ), you will see lots of WTB... Taking a trip to Moab, most of them Horst Link pinch and! Tires: the wider the tire, so check for clearance at least two near fatal falls barends... The day. rims and under your fork without rubbing or bottoming on the.... Check for clearance tall and roll around with the slightest pressure, they do blow up ramp... For you if they are designed to work with the slightest pressure, they rattle a bit compression! Are riding from town to tour the easier trails, a taller, shorter stem, and/or a tire. Jacks up under hard braking on a downhill version of the best time to dirt bike in the past extras! Compounds work best for this terrain during transport Manitou Sherman series is almost as good, are. ( not too heavy, though ) a hydration pack with a combination of ratings! Laid out this route, although now most riders rely on leg and lung.! I had a little different than the last first thing riding from town tour. Pump them up before you hit a descent – DROP it like it ’ hot! Resist movement other shops literally break in half ends getting seriously injured from this handling quirk on... And Marta brakes are best because they are blown tire from rolling over best because they not... Pad in best bike for moab contact with a barend in a matter of a few feet this, combined a. Mounting bolts will cause disc brakes are best coming to Moab, when!, Environment, Moab Post navigation ← World’s best List of Moab mountain bike.!

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