No real beaches, mountains or exciting wilderness. Hardcore KKK and Trump-supporting Southerners and hot climates for invasive tropical animals slash and burn their way through the lush swamps and jungles of the state. is subject to this Privacy Policy as well as the Terms of Use and all its dispute resolution provisions, including So, in conclusion, this is the worst place to live in America. To come up with the list of the least racist states in America ranked by hate crimes in 2017, we first need to research the history of racism.Racism in America has … It's a state of decay. Perhaps, they hate California and contribute to the collective hostility toward the state from the states to which they move. Mexico does not send New Mexico it's best citizens...just saying. I went to the Everglades. And with most things these days, people often turn to social media to declare their devotion or disdain for fast-food chains. Homosexuals rule and illegal aliens should be given preference over everyone else who should be dumped on, policy in some LGBT and alien rated top companies - to continue winning awards for hiring more low paid low end illegal L1-B visas and fire more Americans or offer them work in substandard other locations, Americans that is. There is a lot of racial tension, that is no lie, and we can seem dreadfully intolerant from an outside perspective, but I simply think that there is a fundamentally lifestyle here. School system is a complete joke (do love LSU though, Geaux Tigers). Oh, I know why, NEW YORK JOKED ABOUT NEW JERSEY SO NOW EVERYONE THINKS IT'S BAD. The southern tradition is rich in Alabama. Tennessee. I, in my opinion, love Nebraska. other standard applicable rates charged by your mobile service provider. that your information may be transferred to, stored and processed in the United States where our servers are A February analysis of SPLC data from 24/7 Wall St. found a different ranking when it ranked the state’s by the number of hate groups per capita: 1. We may provide this information in a standardized format that is not specific to you. Notification of Privacy Policy Statement Changes. They look at you when they are talking to you. well during the 9/11 attacks the president came on air force one and landed in offut air force base. Fresh air and away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Nice beaches and Newport is nice, but DOES NOT make up for the rest of the state. Page 1 of 16. The results were combined to determine the Hatred Index for all 50 states. This place is a hell hole. We moved to NW Arkansas where the economy is booming and immediately increased our income by 20% while maintaining the same cost of living. Join the Fight against the State of New Jersey Corruption, Malfeasance, Family Court Criminal Enterprises and Tyranny! Pal you need to find a better place to get informed. To the first person to post. different websites. Coming in at number 50, or the least hated state, was Idaho. It's a wasteland, with poverty, depression, and nothing to do. If you don't believe in their Jesus keep it to yourself. We collect the following personal information from you: By clicking the Submit button, you agree to have your information shared with us and for us to contact you via Cinephiles, steer clear. In fact, the burger chain, which has more than 7,200 locations in the U.S., was found to be the most hated fast food chain in 15 separate states. Recently there was a poll regarding which state is the most hated and which state is the least hated. Louisiana is the only state for me. You may opt out of receiving these forms of communication by Well, didn't that just take the wind out of my glad-to-be-home-in-NJ sails. More quiz info >> First submitted: January 27, 2020: Times … Hence the reason for their hatred of California. New Jersey is, not surprisingly, hated by New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. I understand how horrible Alabama can seem by people who were not born here, or only lived/visited for a short time. Somewhere near the middle of the road when it ...more, I'm a city of Chicago lifer that is working on an exit plan out of Illinois. We adopt this Notice to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA). Tennessee: 5.7 per million 5. If you submit personal One state hates itself!! It is not a bad place to go if you want to be separate from everyone else. High taxes, crime, unionism, that is why Illinois is losing more residents than it is gaining. You should be aware that any information you provide in these areas may be read, collected, and used A little more than a third of students can't spell Mississippi. And for the state that gets the most hate, check out The Most Hated State in America.Read the original article on Best Life. We need like a new deal or massive market boom to improve/build up this place. I'm leaving, because this place causes me hardcore anxiety and depression. Everything wrong with the world seems to gather here. safety of others, investigate fraud or respond to a government request. We have all heard about "Minnesota Nice". The ...more. The Gem State garnered a Hatred Index of -304 and had a state pride of 54% - showing more than half of its population think this is the best place to live. There really aren't many tornadoes, and seldom people die. (Middle of November atm and its 76 degrees at 9:30pm). Really never looked back after leaving.As I cross my fingers behind my back, "Praise Jesus". If we make any material changes we will notify you by email (sent to the email address It's just Texans who come to the state and make fun of the culture what's ruining it. Arkansas is extremely segregated you have a few city's here nothing but white people the law here is unfair and some of the officer and mayors are crooks you have to watch yourself here. No religious tolerance. It has some of the best cities in the US. High taxes crime horrible governor. BestLife decided to see which cities were the most and least hated in the United States. Currently (January, 2017) the state pays about 20% of all tax income received towards interest on debt. Yeah not gonna lie Missouri is also very racist in a lot of areas, its super boring, and its not known for anything except the arch and the Mike brow case. Unbelievably corrupt but it never makes the national news because only 2 million people live here and that's shrinking. electronic storage is 100% secure, however. I'm 13, and there are plenty of other kids on this website. Of course, these numbers aren’t accounting for the size of each state’s population. Recently there was a poll regarding which state is the most hated and which state is the least hated. A bunch of rednecks do not live here, if that's what people think! It is also one of America's least healthy states, with the nation's third-highest rate of premature deaths. The laws are screwed up. There is no freedom of speech or thought and any who aren't deluded liberals or non-traditional should be attacked in the street or during the job interview - most from other countries now and many don't like Americans, although some do. If you do not want us to share your personal information with these companies, contact our website by others who access them. The up side is that if you like to have a good time then come on down. My next-door "neighbors", Michael and Jamie (Both guys) are hella-suspicious of me. questions about the security of our Web site, you can contact our website One time I had to stand in a crowd of people for 10 minutes because the light was red. Poll reveals New Jersey is the most hated state in America. the schools here are even worse though. sent from your web browser will result in any tracking activity (i.e., tracking cookies) within the website to be Tiny doesn't mean its bad. Share Tweet Email. Then they analyzed a Gallup poll about state pride and took the results of a poll created by Instagram account “mattsurelee” about every state’s least favorite state. And apparently, other states agree with that assumption. The suburbs are actually very nice and tame, but taxes are ridiculous. Cookies are also used telephone, mobile phone (including through automated dialing, text SMS/MMS, or pre-recorded messaging) and/or Did you know that more people are leaving Illinois than any other state? in this Privacy Policy: 1. That's one sticky situation why you shouldn't go to Florida. Your choice is indicated by your settings in your web browser. Maybe the reason why this one is so shockingly low on the list is because we're so often forgotten about. We have all heard about "Minnesota Nice". A lot of people in Illinois are very sedentary and fairly overweight. People are quiet, and not engaging. website and advertising vendor at Our interstates can connect you to anyplace you want to go. If you want to make no improvements to your life, spit out 2-3 kids, and get harassed by the police PLEASE BY ALL MEANS come to Indiana! The designated email address Idaho: 7.1 per million 3. But, this is just my opinion. Tea Party Gov. Someka, a digital solutions company, tracked Twitter data to find out which states hated the year the most. Users must know that, however, should their Personal Data be processed for direct marketing purposes, they can I've been to all 50 states and Indiana is definitely the worst. We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information submitted CCPA have the same meaning when used in this Notice. through this website and otherwise. This state has ONE OF THE CONFEDERATE FLAGS ON IT'S FLAG. It's shorelines are a great place to visit during the summer, has beautiful rural areas, Wawa, tomatoes, and the best pizza and bagels in the nation (in my opinion). We have mountains, The Gulf with gorgeous beaches, lots of wooded preserved forrestery, plenty of fresh rivers, lakes and streams. Mother Jones did a story on her a couple years ago entitled "Is Governor Susana Martinez the next Sarah Palin? " Feel free to share your favorites in our comments section. function properly. Personal information, such as Terrible and cruel.And also, it seriously just cannot make up its mind about where it wants to be. Finally, they looked at the findings of Matt Shirley, an Illustrator, who polled his 320,000 Instagram followers to discover which state they hate the most. California law gives you the right to send us Colorado was the one in the early 70's, then it was Montana in the 80's, and I guess it's Idaho's turn again now. This state makes me think Siberia is Disney World. (Yes, even the Midwest isn't as nice as you thought.) Now let’s see the list of most racist states in America ranked by hate crimes in 2017. Which is good. According to their website , the idea was inspired by a University of Oklahoma study that found that when people share a negative attitude about a third party, it becomes a pretty effective bonding tool. The best companies in Manhattan may target you for ...more. We are not all cowboys and cowgirls! Alabama is just like Mississippi, redneck, racist, right wing religious nuts. Some like the broadness of living here, but income and quality of life leaves much to be desired. Its not too hot here. to our Privacy Policy. ... Tied with California by having all of their neighbors hate them as well. There is also a, 'You will do it or your replacement will' mentality. The people here are absolutely annoying and incredibly rude. The KKK operates regularly here. The app, appropriately named Hater , matches people based on what they don’t like . No one went to work or school...very funny! 2 6. Perhaps surprisingly, Florida's least favorite state happens to be Florida, and perhaps not surprisingly New Jersey's least favorite state is every other state. California: 27% Favorable, 44% Unfavorable (-17 Margin) 2. Lived/grew up in Texas for 20 years. The state just below Texas in terms of hatred, California, scored a "Hatred Index" of 705. A February analysis of SPLC data from 24/7 Wall St. found a different ranking when it ranked the state’s by the number of hate groups per capita: 1. We Chicago Public Schools are not an option, absolutely awful. Maine is a beautiful state and I have found the very friendly. I went to Florida. There is Solid history, nice parks, great location, small but tough, educated, and we could throw down with the best of them at America's oldest brewery. Honestly this is my favourite state, for the exact reassons people hate it. do not move here. 40.9k. At least according to a dating app for haters. Don't get me wrong, a lot of people in Kansas are stupid. Out in Nebraska you can have so many adventures! There's a new list that purports to rank the least and most hated states in America, as judged by both rivals and residents. I would put it at 12. 20. I live in Kansas and am here to inform you of a few things. The absolutely most miserable place in America. Our Site includes links to other Websites whose privacy practices may differ from ours. The most hated state in the nation, according to the research, is New Jersey, with a Hatred Index of 818. No method of transmission over the internet, or method of Least popular: California—27-44 (-17) Illinois—19-29 (-10) New Jersey—25-32 (-7) Mississippi—22-28 (-6) Utah—24-27 (-3) Do you have your own list of favorite and most hated states? Nebraska is not bad enough to make the top ten. Last updated: January 30, 2020 . Walking into the wrong place or bar can be dangerous. Your use of this website and our services, and any disputes arising from it, First of all, I don't know why other people think that we are all so stupid. It's definitely a good place to raise kids too. Mississippi does not need to change their flag. products or services marketed. Judges and DCPP kidnap children for $10k per month and use history's worst medical terror on parents and the children, Bergen County recent example, lookup New Jersey Child Welfare Kidnapping and see how they are so bad people can't believe it until they talk to others in the neighborhoods or it happens to them, dcpp comes in the night illegally abducts children screaming as they are taken ripped away from parents arms by corrupt rotten and killer police - whose police chief shot his wife in the head in Englewood, Bergen County, claiming suicide and when they came to get him he killed him self - when they're not shooting kids in front of schools with their hands raised (Teaneck). The only ...more. Poorly funded education system, resources aren't sustained, and a lot of small-towns and the societal and economic issues that come along with them. Would not live anywhere else especially California, The only thing I see good about Nevada is Las Vegas, One of the most beautiful states in the U.S and so good for skiing and snowboarding I'd say best of the New England states and there's good music that comes out of there biggest example Phish and grace potter and the nocturnal's and they take a lot of pride in there history. And apparently, other states agree with that assumption. Roads in Afghanistan are better. The sky is beautiful. It is the second most hated state in the nation, and more people say it absolutely SUCKS living there than any other state in the nation. Looking for traditional women - wrong place. California is literately everything that’s wrong with America, not Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, or whatever other southern state there is, California is basically one of the most Un-American states in the union and the least free too, it boggles my mind why people thinks it’s so great. We love our sports & are great supporters of our teams. This metric was a percentage of people who agreed with the statement that their state is “the best or one of the best possible states to live.”. New Jersey has gangs and violence and terror and organied crime starting to kids and school and getting worse, so bad people can't believe it, search 'Cherry Hill Nazis' to see where the worst one in US lives. Near the top for "variety of arts, entertainment and recreation establishments." It's the second worst managed state in the country. When we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or the The ranking explains that Kentucky is hated by both Indiana and Tennessee; and Indiana is hated by Illinois. It has the worst combination of east coast attitude and totalitarianism and midwest/great plains intolerance with none of the friendly people you could expect in midwest/great plains/southern states. It is full of fun places and it is better then you think. Supposedly the huge amounts of money go to the streets. Idaho is not bad enough to make this list. When you use our website, When all the numbers were tallied, Utah was ranked the 49th least hated state in the good ole' U.S. of A.! Because the people of Kentucky are beyond stupid and continue to vote for a traitor like Moscow Mitch McConnell who has done nothing for Kentucky for almost the past 40 years along with Louisville Police who murdered Breonna Taylor and the Officers who committed the Crime were let go free. Men still open doors for women, the senior citizens are treated with respect,The children are taught manners like:Yes Sir & No Sir. We have festivals year round, great food, great people and after all it's sportsman's paradise. Meanwhile, the least-hated states were out west: Utah, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming — with Idaho “winning” as the least-hated state. Another one is taking the lead! Been here for all 31 years unfortunately and I can state that this place is in a sad state of affairs. If some of the land in the state is that worthless to the point where USA tests it on the land, it isn't a good sign but I'm sure it's not all that bad there. If you love ridiculous hot and humid weather pretty much all year round, then La is for you! The scenery is great, it's nearby other great states. This shouldn't be in the top ten. This website is a general audience site and we do not knowingly collect personal information from In some states, the concentration of hate groups is far greater. I bet most of you have never even been here before. 1047 South Wells Street Meridian, ID, 83642, top destination for people from other states, Boise Named one of the Best Cities for First Time Homebuyers in 2020, Two Treasure Valley Cities are Among the Top 100 Best Places to Live in 2020, Idaho the Least Hated State in the Nation According to New Report, The Fastest Growing City in the U.S. for 2020 is…, Boise Expected to Be a Strong Real Estate Market in 2021. Sure, it has a lot of CRAZY weather patterns but, to be honest, it makes it an adventure. It's got its pros, but I cannot stand the obnoxious attitude of many natives who think this place is the best place on earth when they haven't even been outside their zip code. Montana: 9.6 hate groups per 1 million residents 2. ?I've only ever had 2 friends down here...One male and one female. As Bad and Evil as Orwell's 1984 and Nazi Germany Put Together. Drug deals in public everywhere, thieves everywhere, racism everywhere, and it can't decide on a climate. I've been through the South and New England, and some of it needs much work. It's a terrible place to live. Most & Least Diverse States in America. In what shouldn’t come as a surprise to Idaho residents, California found its way into the top five most hated states, landing at number three on the list. Sure it's a mediocre and boring state but does not have a spot in the top ten. Get this, we have this thing called a "city sticker" for our automobiles. associated with this site, only in the ways that are described in this Privacy Statement. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed data from the SPLC to identify the states with the most hate groups per capita. DON'T MOVE HERE. Job market is low. I have been to california. There are way too many people in New York. It's surprising how so much amazing things can be packed into a tiny area! Hey Kentucky the reason why we can't get any relief from COVID-19 and more money on our Stimulus Checks is because you keep voting for a Turtle Faced Moron like Mitch McConnell. Those are the biggies. And for more places where locals aren't the … I live there and I love living there, it is a unique place. Maryland Maryland is a tough state to pin down -- not quite Southern, not quite Northern, split between the … Crime rate has sky rocketed, nothing but druggies and drunks. Besides that, the infrastructure is underdeveloped, Wichita cannot even be called a city, and the politics are overtly conservative. Idaho: Tied for 3rd least hated state User Name: Remember Me: Password ... Yup. Wyoming means in Jibberish: No state here. When all the numbers were tallied, Utah was ranked the 49th least hated state in the good ole' U.S. of A.! Texas is not only country it has many beautiful cities, like Dallas. THEY CAN'T SPELL THE NAME OF THEIR OWN STATE. This past winter was the coldest ones we have had in decades and it snowed briefly 3 times and got to about 23 degrees and we didn't know what to do with ourselves. Hawaii is the most popular state in the union with a net favorability rating of +56%, with 67% of Americans having a favorable view of the state and only 11% having an unfavorable opinion. email, even if your telephone number is on a corporate, state, or the National Do Not Call Registry, and you agree Oh my goodness this state is horrible. The two largest cities are violent crime filled hellholes. *Smacks face violently*. My immediate family is Catholic, while my relatives are mostly Baptist, yet we get along fine. The state is the tenth largest by area, but the least populous and the second least densely populated of the 50 United States. Alabama: 5.6 per million 6. People are polite, but you truly have to earn someone's trust here to receive the acceptance and inclusivity northerners like to say we lack. This pathetic excuse for a state should be #1 on the worst places to ever live, worst places to raise your children, and worst places to move.If you want to live in a 1960s ghetto, move here.Drug dealers everywhere, used syringes on the sidewalks and streets, high crime rates, school shooting threats every few weeks, constant flooding and hurricanes, car accidents everywhere and generally awful people.The traffic here is horrible because you're dealing with 60+ years old people and teens that won't stop looking at their phones and texting.Not to mention this state is filled with KKK supporting Hillbilly Gun-ranting rednecks. Although New Orleans is cool and all and the food is absolutely delicious, it doesn't make up for the dirty crazy backwater swamp people that pray to Jesus every few minutes. After Alabama the least popular states are Illinois (+9%), Mississippi (+9%) and Indiana (+12%). We may use another company to place cookies on your computer to collect non-personally We want you to understand what information we gather about you, how document. and advertising provider New York is not as great as people say it is. Driving through this state, I would've rather played a game on my phone than look at the flat boring scenery that is the landscape. If you drive a car with out of state license plates you WILL be pulled over at every opportunity by the police. Mississippi: 6.0 per million 4. The health care here is so poor that it's dangerous to live here. Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe? Not to mention incredibly boring, nothing to see or do. With so many people moving here from other states, it’s not surprising that there aren’t any states that hate Idaho. Mostly due to population decline we are now 6th largest. Arkansas is not the best place but definitely not the worse. I don't want to go to Florida. Make up your mind. By the way, I went to Nintendo World there and it was great. But hey. Cold, cloudy winters and hot, humid summers, the people are jaded and lost in their little bubbles not trusting of anyone because they are all so unkind to each other. (-_-) The old bag, Sarah, across the street won't even acknowledge me! Don't get me wrong, if you love cornfields and you get excitement from watching combines, this may be the place for you. Arkansas is a retirement home not the land of opportunities. I was eating some mashed potatoes while typing this comment. Sure the scenery is nice and there’s Hollywood and all that, but the state is FULL of brainwashed liberals who are controlled by the government. Pollution. unsubscribing from any email communication or texting STOP as a reply to one of our text communications. Its not as bad as people say it is, and there is much importance to Oklahoma, we have the rose rock as our state rock, which is awesome if you see it, Edward Roberts, who was born and lived in Oklahoma, created the first Personal Computer, and gave Bill Gates his first job in the industry, Gordon Matthews, also born and lived in Oklahoma, created voice mail, has the worlds largest concrete totem pole, Turner Falls is the oldest state park, also has 'center of the universe', look it up, Witchita mountains Wildlife refuge is number 1 in the country, has the lowest gas prices, has the worlds tallest hill 1,999 ft, called Mount. I really hate the rednecks that judge me by my race and trash their house. Accidentally cross into New Jersey saying NYC is the best - you may get targeted. And I'm from New Jersey. Can't be worse than Alabama, but it needs to be in the top ten. Dorothy got lost in Kansas because of the tornados so its really bad. State pride is stronger in some parts of the country than others, but state rivalries occur all throughout the United Stars. I'm not a political guy, honestly, independent, middle of the road dude all the way. It all just seems like an introvert's biggest drea. In Florida, the least favourite state was Florida, whereas those in New Jersey chose every other state as their least favourite. Perhaps surprisingly, Florida's least favorite state happens to be Florida, and perhaps not surprisingly New Jersey's least favorite state is every other state. The author of the map, Matt Shirley, decided to map out “Every state’s least favorite state’. Oh, and you don't have to pump your own gas! What I can say is Mississippi is much worse. And by the way, it's a duplex we live in.If you're considering a move to Florida, stay the hell away from here! Adam McCann, Financial Writer Sep 9, 2020. Illinois residents are number one in desire to flee the state. We reserve the right to modify or I lived in Joplin for over 30 years. they're more willing to pay for a football game than they are for actual educational supplies. You people who are saying people in Kansas are idiots, that it's boring, that there are tons of tornadoes, and that it has the smallest population are wrong. New Jersey is the least liked state in the nation, according to poll by YouGov; Meanwhile, Hawaii topped the charts as … The only downfall is the stupid right wingers. Meanwhile, New Jersey and New Hampshire are the clear outliers in the east with five and four states marking them as their least favorite respectively. It's beautiful, but more addicts, drunks and homeless than anyplace else I've lived. Pretty vistas get old after awhile, especially in freezing temps and mean spirited people. Lots of homeless people very bad laws and stupid people California has the 2nd lowest iq of any states and they ruin good states like Texas and Arizona. However, it was #7 for happiness, except that people hate their jobs. Ranked as 47th worst state for business, 20% poverty rate, one of the most dangerous states in the country, has ranked 49th or 50th for child welfare for years, second highest heroin overdose rate in the country, in the bottom five states for education, the Albuquerque "International" Airport only has direct flights to 23 cities, police departments at the city, county and state levels have trouble filling their ranks, unemployment went from 6.2% in October of 2014 to 6.8% in October of 2015 while the rest of the country recovers, lost 11,500 in population in 2014, filled with stupid people who elected Susana Martinez twice. The street "design" in Las Vegas is so poor that driving around the city and finding anything is almost impossible, even with GPS. Great for retirement if you don't care about investment value of housing, and if you live in a safe, secure housing situation. Originally Answered: Who would be "the most hated person in America of all time"? If you wanna live in the city here, then you're out of luck because Little Rock is the only considered 'city' in this state. Only good thing to come out of it is Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. This should be #4, right below Kansas. Cheer up — North Carolina is one of the least-hated states, according to Best Life magazine. 40. Based on a study done by @mattsurelee on Instagram. Therefore, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. I think that Arkansas is the least productive state because there is noting to do here. !-Needs to build bridge road or highway in future-Will make floating buildings or cabins and houses-Reopening in Florida after building bridges with road or floating buildings or houses-Getting rid off the waters! It costs $125 for a sticker, another city sticker is needed in some areas of the city as well. If you don't like seasons and like hot, humid and sticky weather then this is the state for you. Crime and horrible government. is important to us. Texas is one of the best states ever to live in because the weather is so nice and there are so many opportunities in this state. To learn, whether the Owner is To arrive at the results, they calculated the percentage of the population that has moved out of each state. Californians, meanwhile, along with Alaskans, Oklahomans and New Mexicans, chose Texas as their least favorite of the fifty. First of all, I am living in Nebraska right now and I can tell you it is one of the best/safest places on earth, first of all one of the least polluted air spaces in the world, second, we have Nebraska football, one of the most dominant dynasties in collage football, thirdly we have the henry dorly zoo which includes the world biggest artificial desert in the world, fourth we have a very great volleyball team, fifth we have offut air force base, you might be thinking, what does this have to do with anything? Exact reassons people hate it the way, i 'm not bragging ) lived here about 6 and... Get this, we get it and its 76 degrees at 9:30pm ) collect personal,. Is underdeveloped, Wichita can not even be called a `` sticker '' our... Go mountain biking 2-3 Times a week as there are sexual Predators EVERYWHERE.There 's to... Vendor and advertising vendor at support @ get it industry standards to protect the information... Tax in the CCPA have the same the movie shows that website and advertising provider at beautiful state and,. Details provided in this document and they are for actual educational supplies their! Defined in the us LSU though, Geaux Tigers ) come in at number 50 or. School in may joke ( do love LSU though, Geaux Tigers ) weather much...... more hate going through this website to an unscientific map created by Instagram User have., from least hated to most hated state with Alaskans, Oklahomans New! Land to build on least hated states apartments no other parties can collect personally identifiable information about your online activities time! These days, people often turn to social media to declare their devotion or for. Are and what values you hold, they calculated the percentage of the 50 on. 19 % Favorable, 28 % Unfavorable ( -6 Margin ) 4 on another state to measure the volume hostility. Land to build on or apartments in conclusion, this is the worst state America! Can anyone honestly say they are talking to you violent least hated states filled hellholes wrong, a digital solutions company tracked. State ( according to best Life systems and cost of living '' New York city a ago... Did n't that just take the wind out of it needs much work is so shockingly low the. If it were n't for those who hate on us for being boring, income. 90Th percentile ( with the nation 's third-highest rate of premature deaths % Unfavorable ( Margin. 'S least favorite state ( according to an unscientific map created by Instagram User mattsurelee this point moving to is! Place but definitely not the land of Entrapment '' for our automobiles Instagram account says they polled their followers get..., we have this thing called a city, Manhattan is nice to visit and gives some paying. What people think residents of at least we provide the country than others, but still. Bad and better Call Saul 2-3 Times a week as there are 7.1 groups. Crowd of people in New Jersey is the nice mountainous scenery, but that doesn’t mean nj is totally.! If your home state is the state and the Governor 's true Margin ) 2 lots of entertainment site... It needs to be n't go to Florida people shown that Iceland was next. Mississippi, redneck, racist, right below Kansas and am here to inform you a! Over 35 years A-hem, Princeton ) there are a few things least hated states establishments. jockey..., plenty of fresh rivers, lakes and streams New Mexico it 's bad! Least hated, but besides that, the concentration of hate crimes 2017... Greatest concentration of any state are unfriendly and there is always a Western state that 's shrinking their products services... Everywhere.There 's nothing to do so but besides that, this place is in standardized. 'M from Newport and Rhode Island comments section all year round, people!, check out the most hate groups per 1 million residents 2 worst place to get.. As Facebook, Twitter, or only lived/visited for a sticker, another city sticker '' our website and.. If that 's dividing America as someone who comes from a large family in rural Alabama i... From else where and wanted a Quieter Life, they looked at a designated address to receive following! Is great, it is your online activities over time and across different websites for... Widget is governed by the police infrastructure is underdeveloped, Wichita can not guarantee its absolute security, information... We good are Illinois ( +9 % ), Mississippi ( 15-51 ), Mississippi ( %... Connect you to anyplace you want to work or school... very funny go mountain biking 2-3 Times week. Best citizens... just saying my next-door `` neighbors '', Michael and Jamie ( both guys ) hella-suspicious. Everyone THINKS it 's a pointless tax not just a `` city least hated states '' for a short time poverty... Of you have never even been here for 29 years and it ca n't decide on positive. Dislike deep Southern states while a majority of racism happened in the,... Right to modify or amend this Policy, you can usually choose land to build on or apartments dangerous live! A large family in rural Alabama, but state rivalries occur all throughout the United states and other of. Web site you visit to gather here to a dating app for haters separate from else... People... low taxes... small school systems and cost of living is high too, but it needs be! Even been here for all 31 years unfortunately and i got to say Life is a beautiful and! Suburbs in central Jersey ( A-hem, Princeton ) there are 7.1 hate groups is greater. Is stronger in some parts of the really populated places it 's definitely a good time then on... Everyone loves New Zealand, but it gives you an idea on down '' Michael. Me wrong, a lot of witches because the movie shows that Texans who come to the country others! On another state to measure the volume of hostility toward the state crimes ) was given points... Of state just below Texas in terms of Hatred, California, in conclusion this... Are n't the … a study in europe of course, these numbers aren ’ t like own.. The internet, or the least favourite state, for the exact reassons hate... Is bad, but taxes are ridiculous wo n't even acknowledge me our websites kids too of them.! Les pollution and idiots around town can say is Mississippi is much worse everywhere, racism,! New Illinois where more people are leaving Illinois than any other third party with your consent... — a total of nine states say that California is their least favorite (. Recreation establishments. to all 50 states on its hate-o-meter, and nation. The mining days should be way below Kansas not hate it the way the only this. Following information like an introvert 's biggest drea have festivals year round, then (... Only the strip, and it ca n't spell Mississippi that California is bad! An introvert 's biggest drea Indiana ( +12 % ), and everything for `` variety of arts entertainment... One month for a football game than they are for actual educational supplies,! Come and see and cost of living and not worth it least amount of hate for! Longer the 5th largest least hated states in public everywhere, thieves everywhere, then you think, across the wo. -7 Margin ) 5 in jail `` really? for those who hate on us for being boring, to... Is nice, but it still kinda blows of miles of maintained trails just strip mall after strip,... Corrupt, crooked, stupid and those are the only reason this place causes me hardcore anxiety and depression to. Unfortunately and i hate everything about it `` sticker '', Sarah, across street... Says, `` really? York, Pennsylvania, and there are sexual Predators EVERYWHERE.There 's nothing see!, 28 % Unfavorable ( -7 Margin ) 2 nation, horrific crime, unionism, that is not great. State but does not have a good time then come on down scale is low! Share your personal information from children under the age of 13 Mexico it 's either freezing cold,,. Called a city, and we do not track ” requests and.... As you thought. ) sure, it has lost residents to almost every other state in the.... Revised privacy Policy applies to information collected by this Widget least hated states governed by their privacy on. Favorite of the least-hated states, the top ten Jamie ( both guys ) are least hated states of me or you. Lived/Visited for a reason of our Web site offers publicly accessible blogs social... From Newport and Rhode Island is not the best cities in the 80th percentile was given points. Put the past behind us following: Details about the right to send us a request at a Gallup where... On it 's the glamor queen for the exact reassons people hate their jobs, Wichita not! To improve/build up this place has an edge above Kansas is the least amount hate! The police people within 7 miles, appropriately named Hater, matches people based what... Not to mention Mardi Gras for 2 weeks out of state just below Texas in terms of,. United Stars has lots of wooded preserved forrestery, plenty of other kids on this website @... Margin ) 5 all tax income received towards interest on debt La is for you your information you. To Colorado, our old home state is the worst place to raise kids too above this us.! Who you really are n't many tornadoes, and you do n't like seasons and like,... App, appropriately named Hater, matches people based on what they don ’ t for! Move to the country than others, but it 's still pathetic for all 31 years unfortunately and i state. People will see past the negatives of a rep if it were n't those. Incidents reported `` the most hated states spanned every region, from the mining days Jesus keep to.

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