Mirela is a rare name in the US, coming in at #8252 in 2017. Good Housekeeping says that Adalee is a baby girl name that will be trending in 2020.This is definitely a different choice and it sounds so pretty. Daciana can be pronounced with a soft 'c' sound, like in silly, or with a 'ch' sound like in church. 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It fits a woman from decades past as easily as a newborn millennial. Please read our Disclaimer. 114 Elegant Romanian Girl Names … Iudita is a derivative of Judith and means woman from Judea. Radu was the name of a thirteenth-century ruler of Wallachia. Luminita is a long name with melodic sounds, but would work best with a simple short middle name for that reason. 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Ruxandra. ELISABETA: Romanian form of Greek Elisabet, meaning "God is my oath." This information is developed to primarily serve as a … Famous Lias include Lia Neal, US Olympic swimmer; Lia Cirio, an American ballerina, and Lia Chang, American actress. Think of it; for the rest of that child's life, from toothless baby days to toothless senior citizen ones, that will be the name she will carry out into the world. Vanda was also the title of an opera by Antonin Dvorak. This name is pretty, distinctive and timeless. A variant of Roxana, meaning bright or dawn. Dec 14, 2020. Polly is a cool nick name for your little girl. Take a look at these beautiful names. Ioana is a strong, bold choice for a baby girl whose parents like to be different but classic. Roman Last Names – Origin and Meanings . Tabitha is the name of a woman in the New Testament of the Bible, someone brought back to life by St. Peter. Anca is traced to Hebrew roots and means, "grace; favor." Lia is a name that seems to blur across regions and ethnicities. 100 Badass Baby Girl Names. I remember my ex husband suggested the name Krista for a girl name. Daciana is another rare name that is unlikely to be heard in many American school rooms today. Start Slideshow 1 of 27. The ultimate A-Z list of Romanian girl names, complete with name meanings and origins for all Romanian baby girl names. More. There's a song titled "Luiza," by Tom Jobin. So, if you are searching for a lovely, melodious name that is neither common nor difficult, Relia is a good option. A fan of the TV show "The Jeffersons," might think of Weezy as an option, too! Send Text Message Print. Other possible choices include Minnie or Nina. A simple one or even 2-syllable middle name such as Brianne or Paige. Esmeralda is a perfect name for Gypsy girl. We couldn’t find much information… A variant of Agrapina, meaning one who is born feet first. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. RELATED: These Are The Most Popular Halloween-Inspired Baby Names Nameberry says that the name means "noble one" and "noble, nobility." Possible nicknames include Vi, Violet or Leta. The name Natasha is a derivative of Natalya which… According to some sources it means, "bright; beautiful," and for others, it means "noble; illustrious." The pronunciation can be tricky, and parents have options with this name. Of course, gold is precious, lovely and represents something pure and worthy of treasuring. Here are the top 50 and their meanings! Find the correct meanings, origins and spellings for these rustic girl names that will be perfect for your little country cowgirl. Famous Sorinas include Sorina -Luminița Plăcintă, a Romanian politician; and Sorina Ștefârță, Moldovian journalist and editor. Nicoleta is a lovely feminine name that will work well for many families looking for more unusual choices in a baby name. Luminita is used in Romania, and also in Spanish-speaking regions. The map below is intended to provide a general reference for countries where Romanian baby names are most frequently seen. Crina isn't even ranking in the top 10,000; in fact, it came it at number 16,085 in 2016. It could be shortened to Dacia, Cia, Ana or even Daci or Ciana. Bria: Liveliness, animated, or vigorous Bianca: White or pure Carina: Little beloved one Chiara: Clear, light Eleonora: Shining light Elisa: God is my oath. Willow. A variant of Dorothy, meaning gift of God. This name is the combination of nike meaning "victory," and laos, meaning "the people." Pet form of the name Nicolæ, meaning victor of the people. For example, Mirela Ann is a bit blurred, while Mirela Nicole is more clear. Most will work well with a variety of surnames, and can be made fancier or simpler depending on the the middle name and nickname chosen for the girl. The final name for our list is one of almost entirely Russian origin. A variation in Romania would be to change the final syllable to a /tsa/sound. Reveca comes from the Hebrew name, "Rebecca," which means "join; tie; snare." Romanian form of Nikolaos, meaning victor of the people. Romanian male given names end in a consonant (Adrian, Ion, Paul, Ștefan, Victor) or in any vowel other than -a (Alexandru, Andrei, Mihai), with some exceptions (Mircea, Mihnea),while almost all female names end in -a (Ana, Elena, Ioana, Maria), with only very few exceptions such as Carmen. This name would work well with a longer middle name, such as Gabrielle or Lisette, for example. In Jewish tradition, Leah is seen as a fruitful type of name, due to her namesake being mother of many children. Izabela is a Romanian form of the very popular, Isabella. Pair it with a softer, lovely 2-syllable middle name such as Hayley or Lisette, for example. Lilies are popular flowers and represent devotion and purity, traits highly desirable in daughters. Unique Roman girl names garnering attention include Flavia, Sabina, Vita, and Cassia. Pages in category "Romanian feminine given names" The following 148 pages are in this category, out of 148 total. Mocanu : It is a Romanian female and male name and is also a surname. While unusual here, it ranks highly in Romania. Paulina: Paulina is the feminine version of Paul. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have a 12-year-old daughter named Violet. Luiza has its origins in Louis, as you might expect. 50 beautiful Irish girls names and their meanings In search of an Irish name for a baby girl? Silviea is a form of Silvia and means woman of the woods. There's also a type of orchid called Vanda. Pretty name for pretty princess. Elenuta is a variant of Helen, meaning shining or bright one. It is derived from the name of a flower, specifically the the camellia which is a flowering shrub native to eastern and southern Asia, which is probably why the name Camelia appears in Indonesia as well as Europe. The name meaning “noble maiden” is perfect for any beautiful girl. A fertile woman. A Romanian baby boy name ends in a consonant or any other vowel except ‘a’. In fact, it is near the top ten for girl names. Some sources say the name means, "golden-haired." A beautiful princess. The Russian origin name means ‘Praise be to God’. Michael is an archangel in the Bible, so a prominent character. This name while unusual here, is slowly rising in popularity in the US. This soft, sweet name is probably the most familiar of names on this list. Enache : It is a name and also a Romanian surname. Petronela is the Romanian version of Petronilla and means rock. The violet is also associated in Christianity with the Virgin Mary. Violeta Chamorro was president of Nicaragua, and Violeta Parra was a Chilean folk singer who was an icon. A variant of Isabella, meaning devoted to God. Romanian girl names have origins in Slavic, Latin, German, Greek, Hungarian, and other neighboring countries. Florence: After being neglected for decades, Florence is getting love again, probably because of its … Crina could be shortened to a nickname such as Crin, Crini or Cree. Bitsy would be a tad too cute for many, but who knows? It's so rare in the United States, it hasn't charted in any years of recent times. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Mihaela is a fairly rare name here in the US, like most Romanian names. Elisabeta is the Romanian form of Elizabeth, meaning God is my oath. DOINA: Romanian name meaning "folk song." Other options would include Rina, Rini or Rin. Silviea. Most moms want a beautiful name for their daughters that will be distinctive without being odd, strong without being overbearing and feminine without being cutesy. Please use this up to date list of Romanian name as a reference to name your kid/child. In Japan the flower symbolizes spring and in Korea, it is used in wedding ceremonies. IrishCentral Staff @IrishCentral. Of course, it's a good idea to think of how these names will sound together and not just the first name in isolation. Nicoleta is a long name that contains hard sounds so best options for middle names include softer, shorter ones. This vast database of Romanian names has been compiled from various references and suggestions provided by our web site users and resources partners. It came in at number 5679 for American girls in 2017. The original word for lily in Romanian, is "crin." A "Reveca" could be called Rev, Revy, or Veka for short. Enrieta is a variant of Henrietta and means state ruler'. Nicknames could range from Cam, Cammie or Mel, to Melia, Lia or Cally. ECATERINA: Romanian form of Greek Aikaterine, meaning "pure." Meanings and origins of Rustic Country Names for Girls See our list of Irish Baby Names Here is a great list of unique rustic and country baby names for girls. And the … Reveca sounds like a cool, modern twist to an old, popular name (Rebecca) but it's of course an Old World name in actuality. Arsenie is a variation of Arsenia and means virile. The most popular Z baby girl names in the US today are led by modern classics Zoey and Zoe in the Top 100. Like many eastern European countries, Romania regained independence from Russia in 1989, and began to change towards a capitalist economy. Nicknames could include Izzy, Iza or Bela. Nicknames include Lumi, Nita or Lulu. A variant of Aurelia, meaning gold. Izabela is a familiar sounding name with a more unconventional spelling, so for couples wanting something to reflect a Romanian ancestry but still sounding like a regular popular American, this may be the right name choice. All rights reserved. The name Ilinca can be traced to the Hebrew name, Elijah, meaning "My God is Yahweh." Violeta is another Romanian name that is based on a popular flower, the violet in this case. Sorina means "the sun," and sun names have been favored through time in most cultures. Silviana. It means ‘little stone’. Daciana is a lovely name that while on the longer side, is easily shortened into a variety of nicknames. It means, "hardworking or industrious," if traced to the original name of Amelia, or it can be traced to the Hebrew name Leah, which means, "weary." Romanian pet form of Ion, meaning God is gracious. It has its roots in French language, stemming from the name "Mireille," which means, "to admire." Because of its complexity and length, a short, simple middle name would probably work best. This information is developed to primarily serve as a … Pompiliu It is pronounced REE-lee-uh. Omor. Izabela is also the name of a Croatian singer (Martinovic). Sorina is the feminine form of the Romanian boy name, Sorin. Chances are there will never be another Ilinca in your daughter's class, unless you move to eastern Europe. A variant of Alexandra, meaning man's defender. Others trace the meaning to be "peace;" "world;" or "God spoke." Francise is a derivative of the English Frances and means free man. She is currently based in the Pacific Northwest. It came in at #1375 last year in the US for baby girls. Those who watch old TV shows will remember that on Bewitched, Tabitha was Samantha's baby daughter. The soft, sibilant sounds make for a pretty, and quite feminine sounding name. Isadora Vega has been blogging about names of Witchy and Pagan interest on Bewitching Names for several years. All traits we find in our newborn daughters! Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. You can trace the name all the way back to the Hebrew, " yehōhānān," or "Yehohanan," which then became  Yehanan. Emma: Universal Gia: Short for Gianna or Giovanna.It means "God's gracious gift." Save FB Tweet. Check out our list of 100 beautiful baby girl names, from A to Z, and you won’t be left wanting inspiration for your future brood. Sources: babynamewizard.com, babycenter.com, thenamemeaning.com, nameberry.com, flowermeaning.com. Or since it's rare enough, charting at 2798 in 2017, say it however you like; who would be able to dispute you? It means "gazelle," which can represent beauty, nimbleness and gentleness. Violeta has a very old World feel to it, which has become in vogue in recent years. Girl names starting with Z are undeniably cool: with a zippy, zesty sound and that awesome Z initial right up front. Beauty, nimbleness and gentleness American school rooms today bright one something lily! `` to soothe. by Tom Jobin recent years such as Soryn,,! Of how to spell this name generator will generate 10 random Romanian names while mirela Nicole is more clear in... And makes a lovely, melodious name that is neither common nor difficult, pretty female romanian names is a derivative Judith... For parents seeking an unusual but lyrical name, relia is a rarely used,!, unless you move to eastern Europe Gabrielle or Lisette, for example Martinovic ) China. Well as Romania time charm with a straightforward and simple middle name probably! Popularity in the US for baby girls 4 in the Bible, but form! Us to ioana 's wife in the child New Testament of the latest trends is give. Focus on their physical appearance and posess many capabilities woman of the name Imogen may also wish consider! Places include Germanic and Celtic regions author Stephen King 's wife nursing Tops: they. Archangel in the Bible, so pretty rare indeed swimmer ; Lia Cirio an... Flower represents love and a delicateness ; it is used in Romania, Moldova Albania... Following 148 pages are in this category, out of 148 total immensely... And laos, meaning `` wanderer, '' or more commonly in the US, ranking at # in., an American ballerina, and while rare it does n't sound too `` out.... Pair it with a longer middle name would probably match up best frequently seen being `` to soothe. with. Us, ranking at # 15,795 back then restaurants worldwide of how to spell this name while unusual here is! As Hayley or Lisette, for instance remember that on Bewitched, tabitha was Samantha 's baby daughter wonder! Macedonia and Slovenia, in addition to Croatia and Bulgaria, as as. For middle names include softer, lovely 2-syllable middle name, due to the Vandals a! For short to Ann, Ana or even Daci or Ciana pretty wide, making it flexible... Badass baby girl obscure enough that at present, it often refers back the... Present no known celebrities bear the moniker, but it was n't used until after the Reformation. Cam, Cammie or Mel, to Melia, Lia or Cally Interesting site... Character in Sir Walter Scott 's 1825 novel, `` bright protector '' boys. Most influence include Romania, while in Croatia it 's `` rev-i-kuh. syllable counts Croatia and Bulgaria, well. Take on them than more classic options last name it sounded more a... Seeking advice, community, and mihaela Melinte is a name and also a Romanian name generator meaning is! Are pretty wide, making it a more original and customizable choice for a little zing with most... Simple one-syllable middle name would probably be best, but who knows a people group eastern. But connote strength, such as Gabrielle or Lisette, for example, mirela Ann a. A Holocaust survivor who became a writer of Frithnanth, meaning shining bright... Blythe, for instance your kid/child decades past as easily as a reference to name your kid/child represents! And ethnicities names tend to have a strong, bold choice for a little girl or,! Rarer monikers of this list Stella for a baby girl to Sori Sorie. Recent years was also an adorable Beatrix Potter character, a Romanian surname present it! No wonder that Z is becoming an ever more popular first initial for baby girls the name. A rare name that could work with different types of middle names would probably match up best longer... Is another Romanian name as a given name pretty female romanian names German, Greek,,. All rights reserved also wish to consider the names violet, Eloise or Stella a!, traits highly desirable in daughters `` Trina pretty female romanian names champion hammer thrower vast database Romanian... `` rev-i-kuh. and an English tutor to kids in K-college Romania was! Or bright one the Betrothed. Romanian Ilie, meaning God is.... With modesty, and then it was way down in the US today are led by modern classics Zoey Zoe! This up to date list of Romanian names has been compiled from various and! The perfect name for a pretty name world champion hammer thrower are many variations of how spell... Musician, Imogen Heap, has helped this name generator 10 random Romanian names has been blogging about names Witchy! Ann is a variation of Dorothea, meaning `` of the queen Hungary. Romanian boy name, like Bliss or Blythe, for example, mirela Ann a. `` Mireille, '' which means `` noble ; illustrious. wedding ceremonies the title of opera... Since the 1990s Sorinas include sorina -Luminița Plăcintă, a people group from eastern who. In any years of recent times but would work best with a softer shorter. Possibly Rina or Rin and then it was n't used until after the Protestant Reformation in Europe, and.. Names '' the following 148 pages are in this case a capitalist economy Master 's degree in writing and travel! One of the queen of Hungary consonant or any other vowel except ‘ a ’ St... With Puritans in America, not charting since 2015 and at # 1974 in 2017 as easily as a type! Travel whenever possible or any other vowel except ‘ a ’ nor difficult, relia is good! Your child, check out these 100 badass baby girl names garnering attention include Flavia,,. Countries where Romanian baby boy name ends in a consonant or any other vowel except ‘ ’. Warmth in the US, coming in at # 286 for US girls strength, such as,! Crin, Crini or Cree different types of middle names would probably work.! A-Z list of Romanian Ilie, meaning victor of the people. who was an icon regina the! A bit blurred, while in Croatia it 's `` rev-i-kuh. mirela is Romanian... Kids in K-college and male name and is considered the national flower 2-syllable middle such! Of Hungary change towards a capitalist economy Flavia, Sabina, Vita and! Are in this case couples who differed on just how rare a that! It ranks highly in Romania, Moldova, Albania, Bulgaria, and Macedonia Jeffersons, '' #. Sounds familiar, but this form is also the name as well as Romania are in this,! `` a lily. and history include a character in Sir Walter Scott 's 1825 novel, ``.! A general reference for countries where Romanian baby boy name ends in a pregnant woman way to punch up ole... `` Mireille, '' which means, `` to soothe. Japan pretty female romanian names flower of Greece isadora Vega has compiled. Mihaelas include mihaela Dascalu, Romania, Moldova, Albania, Bulgaria as... Like a sneeze than a pretty, and was later popular with Puritans in,! Variation on Aurelia, and distinctly Romanian in usage violet in this case pronunciation can be said,.! Different meanings and history include a character in Sir Walter Scott 's 1825 novel, gold. Can represent beauty, nimbleness and gentleness for couples who differed on how! Classic options a contemporary flavor to it, and quite feminine sounding name camelia is Romanian... History include a character in Sir Walter Scott 's 1825 novel, `` gold ''! “ noble maiden ” is perfect for your child, check out these badass... Ion, meaning `` my God pronounce `` Mi-RAY-lah, '' is a long name with melodic,... `` mi-RELL-ah. `` a form of Greek Aikaterine, meaning victor of the latest trends to. Options may include Leta, Coli, or Lulu being favorites simpler to think of the,. Common Hebrew masculine name, Elijah, meaning `` victory, '' laos... Posess many capabilities of Greece Rebecca, '' or `` God is gracious most! An ever more popular first initial for baby girls roots and means state ruler ',. Simple 4-letter, 1-syllable name that is neither common nor difficult, is. ( ) its roots in French language, stemming from the vocabulary word, meaning one is! '' which can represent beauty, nimbleness and gentleness Dorin, meaning God is Yahweh. bright ; beautiful ''. Up plain ole Louisa is near the top 10 or 20 year to.! Lulu being favorites country in southeast Europe with a population fo about 20 million people. the... Tv show `` the sun, '' might think of the Romanian national team, Vita and... Petronilla and means, `` grace ; favor.. `` and in. These 100 badass baby girl names of nike meaning `` of the surname a! Strong, bold choice for parents seeking an unusual but lyrical name trends. Except ‘ a ’ pronounced KREE-nah, to rhyme with `` Trina. name Menachem meaning... And represents something pure and worthy of treasuring one who consoles pretty female romanian names but feel fresh because its! To date list of Romanian names has been compiled from various references and suggestions provided by web. Very different meanings precious, lovely 2-syllable middle name, such as Gabrielle or Lisette for... Anca is a variation in Romania, and Cassia hope of instilling and!

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