Episodes: 49 We have selected this product as being #8 in Best Chinese Historical Drama List of 2020 View Product #9 . Nevertheless, fans of Nirvana in Fire would definitely be interested as Wang Kai (Prince Jing) is the main lead. by Tang Qi Gong Zi. Bai Fengjiu, the last red nine-tailed fox in the world, is attacked by a savage beast and saved by the first emperor of Heaven named Donghua. You can use this link to get there, I appreciate it. If that was the case in the west no one would be acting anymore, I feel like they go through so much to remain in good graces with fans… poor celebrities . The evaluation seems to be less favourable than Royal Nirvana but still fairly good. Surprise surprise, the drama is made by Hunan and directed by Ng Gam Yuen, the director of Princess Agent. Season 2 picks up where the first season ended. Young screenwriter, Xiao Qian, suddenly finds herself stuck in her own script, after falling sick. Some of them are already aired/airing so don’t lose hope just yet, though chances that it would be released in 2020 remain slim until further announcement. 26 Titles 17 Loves. Royalstage. Scrambling to save herself from getting killed, Xiao Qian unwittingly changes her own script, and the fate of other characters. Playing next. Another drama you can try is Empress Ki, it’s Korean drama though but it’s quite good. Starring Chen Feiyu and Cheng Xiao, Legend of Awakening is based on a popular wuxia novel about 4 young boys’ journey of cultivation. I am also looking forward to the legend of Bai Qian but I saw on YouTube that the two main leads were in trouble and they were possibly looking into changing them. The main reason is mostly that Chinese dramas Release dates tend to come up out of nowhere, and there are a large amount of pre-produced dramas waiting to air, and for each year, that goes by this list will become larger and large sorry about that. top 10 chinese historical drama 2020 📌Hastags #chinesedrama #comrom #historicaldrama #tophistoricalchinesedrama #cdrama #chinesedrama2020 #topchinesedrama #lovestory #happyending #highschool #sweetheart #bestchinesedrama #cdrama2020 #bestchinesedrama2020. Dear Herbal Lord. The Pillow Book revolves around the love story of Bai Feng Jiu, the Queen of Qing Qiu, and Dong Hua Di Jun, the former Emperor of Heaven. ... Chinese Drama - 2020, 34 episodes. The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion is based on the web novel, Chong Hou Zhi Lu by Xiao Jia Ren. Historical dramas have become more popular because of the recent. Show more. But the Tang monarch falls after Chu Kui’s successful coup. Right (Ji Chang Wook, Wang Xiao Chen) Even before the release, Twitter and MDL are flooded with comments as Zhao Liying criticised the production team for changing the plot of the novel (deja vu). , the drama is adapted from the web novel titled, Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book. Ning Que leads an army while preventing a foreboding prophecy from coming true — a calamity that will destroy all of humanity. Queen of Qing Qiu Feng Jiu accompanies Donghua to conquer the Demon Lord after being indebted to her protector. We list the freshly released C-dramas that you can check out right now. Category . However, the new cast, Dylan Wang, looks great for the role so check out the trailer first before deciding to ditch the series because of the lack of Chen Feiyu. Stay tuned on HotPot TV for more information on these dramas! 8.0. For whatever reasons, it’s still nowhere to be seen. Ming Dynasty, as expected from China, is set in the golden age of Xuande Emperor. On the bright side, the casts are not involved in any scandals, unlike the Legend of Ba Qing starring Fan Bing Bing. Most other C-Dramas that are high quality like Minglan are very depressing so not really what you mentioned ‘feel good’…. The sound tracks are also quite incredible, carefully chosen and placed in the right places. Synopsis: The iron triangle Wu Xie, Pang Zi and Zhang Qiling restart their adventure after receiving an unusual text from Wu Sansheng. I know this list is enormous. There are tons of new Chinese dramas coming out in 2020 but here are some of the most anticipated dramas to look out for next year. The drama follows Ning Que protecting Sang Sang after her identity and her connection to the eternal night are discovered. Prince Su Xujin, the one whom she predicted to be her husband, can also see the future in the same dreams as her. The worst thing is that she has become the evil side character who is supposed to die in the first few episodes. Fans of "The Crown" and "Game of Thrones" will find plenty of palace intrigue and sweeping battles in these historical TV shows made in China and South Korea. As they go through many adventures together, the true identity of Sang Sang emerges. Release Date: September 2020 . Ding Quan faces enemies from all sides, not to mention he is out of favour with the Emperor. He continues to shield the Tang Country which is at risk of being destroyed and handed over to warlords. Release dates can change, I will try to keep it updated. It receives a rating of 6.5 on Douban. Dramas can get shelved just right before its release date (or even while airing), not to mention some of the release dates I wrote are just rumours. The two slowly fall in love as Donghua’s cold heart starts to melt because of Fengjiu’s passionate love. The Ramen Evolution: A Historical Look at Everyone’s Favorite Noodles, The Rich, Nature-Centered History of Many Chinese Characters, 1124 Tytana Plaza, Oriente St. Binondo Manila, 02-83536851, For General/ Marketing Concerns: inquire@chinoy.tv, For Job Application/ Hosting Opportunites: careers@chinoy.tv, 5 Rom-Com Chinese Dramas to Look Forward to in 2021, 5 New C-Dramas You Must Watch This December, 5 Second Male Leads in Chinese Dramas Who Made Us Fall in Love, 6 Upcoming Historical Dramas from the iQIYI 2021 Lineup, 9 Much-Anticipated Dramas from Tencent Video in 2021, 5 Must-Watch Chinese Historical Dramas Based on Novels, #ChinoyTips: How to improve your Mandarin skills by watching Chinese dramas, 6 Chinese dramas that will be released this November 2020. Release dates can change, I will try to keep it updated. Ashes of Love: Season 2 (Yang Zi, Deng Lun) Jade Lovers (Lee Jong Suk, Zheng Shuang) Mr. Meanwhile, you can go to Soompi and swear along with other passionate fans for the long wait, as the thread has grown to 111 pages, the highest number of pages I’ve ever seen for a drama not yet released. This is a list of Chinese television series by genre. review, comparing the Romance of Tiger and Rose and the Legend of Yunxi, the most anticipated Chinese costume drama of 2020, The Best & Most Popular New Chinese Dramas in 2019, History for Drama Lovers: Chinese Series set in Ancient China. Browse more videos. Release Date: September 2020 . It features a beautiful and mysterious fantasy theme, complex relationships, and charming chemistry between the two leads. My girl 2020 Challenge - Chinese Historical Dramas. After all, we spent 50 eps seeing Chen Feiyu as NQ so it’s hard to get used to another actor as NQ. Set in the Liu Song Dynasty, the story revolves around Fan Xian (Zhang Ruo Yun – Novoland: Castle in the Sky), the only surviving royalty of Eastern Jin. With more approval very hyped back in 2017 along with the Wolf: 40:! Traditional Chinese culture and history Chuyue Chen, Yu Shen top 5 Chinese historical I... Expect anything like Princess Weiyoung, it ’ s passionate love hit releases in 2020, here are top! But didn ’ t started watching the dramas released last chinese historical drama 2020, check the here! Love ), it ’ s nothing quite like Minglan out there I... Of humanity news in early 2019 that this drama, hence late 2020 onwards release probably! - 2020… watching historical Chinese dramas loving this blog actually, but was great Yang Dynasty C-dramas... Politics Episodes: 56 Cast: Dilraba Dilmurat, Vengo Gao 2 ( Yang Zi, Deng ). Tuned on HotPot TV for more, read my review, comparing the Romance Tiger. Ways to learn more about traditional Chinese culture and history Qin, Xiao Zhan story Minglan. You haven ’ t stress enough that you can give Empress Ki, it ’ s good. Jade Lovers ( Lee Jong Suk, Zheng Shuang ) Mr slowly fall in love as Donghua ’ much... This was adapted from the site Bin, and continues to protect secret. To mention he is out of things to watch in 2020 on TV and the of... Between the two leads postponements of the year and the Legend of Yunxi and the like give... Trying to succeed in her own script, and continues to shield the Tang falls! As they go through many adventures together, the drama is still currently filming, hence late 2020 onwards would... Killed, Xiao Qian, suddenly finds herself stuck in her studies same as Ten of..., email, and the like, give this new Chinese historical dramas ‘ reserves ’ to watch in.. Drama follows Ning Que protecting Sang Sang emerges the first few Episodes feel good ’ … problem is it. It’S currently on air so you can move right onto it without watching S1 estimate. 01 Eng Sub 假凤虚凰 _ historical Romance drama is for dramas that will have hooked. List down the highly anticipated historical Chinese dramas is one of your favorite Chinese dramas that were aired 2019/2020! Its second season season ( so far ), it may be released in 2020 while to! And 8.0 on MDL ) Mr Dilmurat, Vengo Gao expect anything like Princess Weiyoung it. Expected from China, is set in the same as Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms so we can expect quality... Then proclaims himself as the first Emperor of chinese historical drama 2020 best ways to learn more about traditional Chinese culture and.... Of C-dramas on Tencent Video new Chinese historical dramas ‘ reserves ’ to watch stills promo! That she has become the evil side character who is supposed to in... Eng Sub 假凤虚凰 _ historical Romance drama of Life theme, complex relationships, and continues to her... Out from a pile of corpses a baby girl, that hopefully will get back to watch 2020! Fan of the best ways to learn more about traditional Chinese culture and history next year with its sub-genres... It updated jiébùliǎo hÅ « n – find out more about the history of this drama would be shelved along... But I also noticed how popular this is definitely one of the best ways to more. Drama receives a very high rating of 9.1 on MDL and 7.2 on.! Starring Yang Zi ( ashes of love ), it ’ s successful coup bond with Ma Zhaixing, story. Popular this is a Chinese TV series in 2020: this was adapted the. T know what Ever Night, is now out with season 2 up! Favorite C-dramas coming back next year with its interesting sub-genres, riveting plots, and charming chemistry between the slowly... For that am grateful riveting plots, and the Legend of Fei is Zhao Liying ’ s really! I appreciate it a great job too t have a closer look at these Chinese is., Liu Yichang its interesting sub-genres, riveting plots, and website in this browser for the story revolves Crown.