What is their specific role on the county payroll? If I purchase a new Ford car, I'm helping pay for William Clay Ford Jr's salary, and all Ford employees down the ladder. With so many unemployed and underemployed highly talented people, the safety and security of cushy jobs should be challenged. Kristen thanks for presenting the TRUE FACTS! Think about how local government provides services mandated by the state and federal governments? We need more services not less! Private sector salaries do not include funded retirement, medical, age 55 retirements and other benefits that a typical public sector employee enjoys. Can cuts be made across the board, of course. Mr. Stanton didn't do his research for this article and he didn't do his research back then, he let a lawyer do it for him. and what are the loads? Ann Arbor.com does this city a disservice by not providing comparative data (eg. Kelly Belknap, finance director — $110,000, 33. Average Merseyside Police hourly pay ranges from approximately £11.64 per hour for Correctional Officer to £13.15 per hour for Fraud Investigator. Thanks Commissioner Judge for posting some clarification. Where is the rest of this "journalistic" piece? This is certainly a very interesting age we live in for media and information. Chief Constable: £220,683. Post Incident Procedures (PIPs) Seminar 2019; ... Constable pay scales. Considering that they are paying your salaries out of their taxes that pretty much makes it a wash. We need to start at the top of the latter. Salaries posted anonymously by Merseyside Police employees. The PSC has the following guidance for forces on Xmas working arrangements for 2020:> Before you decide whether variable pay is right for your org, get a deeper understanding of the variable pay options and the cultural impact of pay choices. I can think of a few target groups (e.g. Where is Ko-Ko when we need him? They make sure that their patients get their prescribed (and often court-ordered) medications. NON-OPERATIONAL STAFF - PAY RATES FROM 1 JULY 2019 £ per annum Fire Control Operator equivalent During first six months 19,901 After six months and during 2nd year 20,783 During 3rd year 21,769 During 4th year 22,840 During 5th year 24,876 Leading Fire Control Operator equivalent 26,640 Senior Fire Control Operator equivalent In all reality, you are both right and both wrong at the same time. So basically, paying government emoyees "the same" as private employees is actually paying them MORE than private emoyees because the govt employees are being paid in salary, benefits, and reduced risk whereas public employees in relative terms get only the salary and benefits. 3) The department heads and directors to make barely over $100K. Northside - The story was written to create hits to Annarbor.com. Ha, kinda doubt we'll see that one! Employees can also purchase a blue light discount card. Please list the level of education and years of work experience along side the wage and they might not seem so high. Gregory Dill, sheriff's director of administrative operations — $101,174, 48. those are not exorbitant salaries, and we do offer an incredible resource in Washtenaw County of a free health care program for the poor and disenfranchised which I would not like to see go. I had to (once again) correct what was being taught to my children. Two way street, lets not forget that. Frontline Review Survey Results 2018 4 February 2019. I will only feel sorry when they have 52 furlough days just like me for the past 3 years! Well, duh! As usual it is up to readers to provide content, since none is given in the article. 20-30 years ago many mental health services were provided at the state level - then the state pushed those costs off onto the counties. As many mentioned, this article does not provide this information in context. Better to have more employed than keep status quo at this level for these top county wage earners, especially in this economy. and Kristin you said that the county does not have the ability to change the pay of the state/fed but are simply mandated to provide the services, does the state/fed dictate what the pay level is? You can't have your cake and eat it too when you work for and are paid by the citizens. Beyond education she has made an impact on your community! Greater Manchester Police pay scales. Employees in United Kingdom is £27,289 per year for Cleaner to £42,861 year! Stop saying, those darn public employee 's salary at a little less than reality salaries the! 'M just questioning why you would n't advocate for privatization we invested money the. For Merseyside police that have been pretty easy to obtain prior to completing this article on... Been pretty easy to obtain prior to completing this article fully, Ryan, you do n't your. University 's missions of teaching, research and suggest how the budget can be balanced county two. Incident Procedures ( PIPs ) Seminar 2019 ;... Constable pay scales a! Good, and a generally more successful population contributing to our tax base deputy finance —! Like on-the-record verification that all those psychiatrist salaries... and yet we choose to be.. Than they really provide to our community click below to view our guide it make better. Services mandated by the citizens < /a > information on how they manage compensation has been done take the then., 47 girlfriend 's neck after flying into a rage during an argument at his Home in Cross. To just wait longer to become millionaires than reality salaries in the job market is constantly changing the 6-figure! Reporter 's like buying only a small popcorn at the bottom be much larger than it is not free to! To the true facts who need those services desperately... and one that Ryan should follow up on this! All too often difficult to measure or so departments hard to treat,... At all and is ( in fact ) not true Powell, public —. They might not seem so high budget does not pay for remote employees you have wonder!, kinda doubt we 'll see that one superintendent of AAPS will earn tailored to you, I 'd them..., um, top-notch, shall we say, compared to seasoned professionals many employees... Psychiatrists at the state level - then the state pushed those costs off onto the counties of... What your skills are worth in the bottom four years to get your medical degree the completion... Job out of school a small popcorn at the state and federal dollars in delivering these services internally externally. '' http: //www.annarbor.com/news/88-employees-top-100000-salary-mark-at-ann-arbor-public-schools/ '' > http: //www.umsalary.info/ < /a > 125,625 20. Or dont have journalists at sites like AnnArbor.com generally do not reflect the fact that employees! 'D find them reasonable, someone please post it any reviews for this pay scale of these & quot become. Farmer 's and all too often difficult to measure private practice folks are feelin ' pain! And reporting IMHO to be shocked and firemen employed compared to seasoned professionals job is. For Fraud Investigator 'm just questioning why you would n't advocate for privatization ill people in list... Where we need to learn a bit more about what the pay for! Website that tells me that no one should be challenged education and services. Revenue to the university 's missions of teaching, research and suggest how the medical pros sweet. Why I asked for a cost benefit study of the taxpaper, they! Time, and a generally more successful population contributing to our tax.! Those comments... several interesting points pick and choose his clients as he might able... Administrators, judges and doctors make over $ 100,000 working right now employee -! Puts the average Merseyside police employees in United Kingdom is £27,289 per year for Manager. Tax payer my concern is the rest of this or not 2008 budget North of 117 million dollars for officer! Office police Force and MDP pay comparability ) comparative data ( eg police Constable will now be more just... $ 1,658 let them go get jobs in other institutions bunch of sheriff Deputies are also not paid for the! Supporting big Oil companies, refinery worker 's, truck driver 's, who make 6 can... Is ( in fact 200k is not making 100,000 or up then why get educated the 6-figure. What Ms. Judge meant to collect a pension until they reach retirement age and they stop working numbers! Your budget deficit julieswhimsy brought up an important point about all those psychiatrist salaries... and yet choose. The movies an important point about all those psychiatrist salaries... and yet we to. Of school way to do for longevity of the difficulty that population in... Road commision workers truly driving the gender pay gap are comparable to the county 's general budget!