Can I go now? If you don't want to sound rude when speaking English, then you need to know how to make a request in a polite way.Requests in English are usually made in the form of questions Asking others to do things – making requests The speaker has made no attempt here to soften the negative content of the message. I would add. The Conversation UK - In 2006 I wrote a speculative letter to David Cornwell (better known by his nom de plume, John le Carré) containing a polite request that, if he … Rich: It’s good to practise your intonation. No single person should dominate the conversation, so keep your answers to the point. Rich: More specifically, we are going to help you with talking on the phone in polite situations - when you need to ask people for help or information. … Jack: Let’s start by looking at some sentences or phrases that you can use when calling a business asking for information about a product or a service. What? Jack: When making polite requests we use ‘could’ and ‘would’ a lot. Try the activity below, then, listen to the podcast again to hear how we used the words. When communicating in English, or any language for that matter, it’s important to be polite. 4. Jack was polite. Many translated example sentences containing "polite request" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Use the correct tone of voice for expressions such as “pardon (me)” and “excuse me” 4. These expressions show hesitation or “hedging,” which is another way of being less direct, more polite, and creating distance between you and your request. Hey, could you please stand up? Jack: He sounded a bit rude. ... it's never too late to start. Team member three: What else do you want? Jack: Hello there. Rich: Right, that’s all we have time for this week. Listen to these three sentences and try to repeat and practise the sentences in exactly the same way Jack says them. Sorry, I can't hear you! Eh? Rich: Then we ask the other person for help by completing the sentence with something such as ‘that you would be able to help me’ or ‘if you could help me’. Can you get me some coffee? English language learners need to have a knowledge of the vocabulary and expressions necessary to be competent communicators in a variety of conversational scenarios. Jack: The final section this week is this week’s football phrase. A takeaway from your conversation — Shows you were listening; Your ask — Keeps the ball moving; Here’s how to roll it all together: Subject Line: Great to meet you at {!Event} ... but keep your request flexible to give them control. 3. If your enquiry is regarding the online Anfield store, please press one, for enquiries regarding Anfield museum and tours, press two, for match ticket enquiries, press three or hold the line to speak to one of our agents. Expressing polite requests is an important building block for your ESL students to achieve natural, everyday speech. Could you tell me how can I help you today, please? Could I get a refund?’. 2. I was hoping you could put me through to Dave Carol in accounts. Rich: Today is the 5th. These are not polite requests. When we talk about how we say something we are talking about intonation - the way our voice goes up and down. polite requests Learn the importance of speaking softly Learn how to politely disagree and turn down invitations . Your task is to imagine that you are a team leader in a call centre and you need to give your team some customer service training. Упражнение 4 на модальные глаголы, выражающие просьбы и разрешение. Rich: You may also be listening or should I say watching us live or recorded on Facebook or YouTube. But, suppose the person nearest the salt is engaged in conversation … A: I can lend you some money if you like. Here are a few basic tips and words to remember when speaking politely in English. Rich: We also have a task for you to do and a football phrase for you to guess. 30-60 minutes . Give students a few minutes and then put their ideas on the board. One of them is the last day in January and the other is in August. You are through to the ticket office. This keeps the conversation open so that the other person can feel comfortable giving his or her response, even if they have to say no or they want to suggest another option. In the roleplay, you also heard Jack rejecting or refusing Rich's requests. Would you mind watching my bags for a few moments? I have a ticket for the Liverpool - Watford match but I won’t be able to attend the game. The variety of activities available means that there is something suitable for every age and ability level. City leapfrog Liverpool into first place and there are some stunning goals at Old Trafford. You can exchange the ticket for another match though. In this situation, you may hear or need some specific phrases to get people to speak more loudly or repeat what they said. How would you like to pay, in cash or by credit card? Would you mind closing that window? Rich: Doesn’t sound like a great customer service team, does it? The line might be bad and it can be difficult to hear the other person. 1. After that, students fill in missing letters in phrases that accept and decline requests. You are going to listen to a roleplay. Finish with a call to action so they know what you want them to do and why it’s important. vs Give me… People do not like being told what to do, so it’s sometimes difficult to get what you want without causing frustration. Rich: It’s great to hear your answers to these tasks so keep the comments coming! If your enquiry is regarding the online Anfield store, please press one, for enquiries regarding Anfield museum and tours, press two, for match ticket enquiries, press three  ... I’m afraid tickets for the Tottenham match sold out weeks ago. I sometimes think that students get tired of hearing me talk all the time! The match might finish at half past nine and the newspaper needs the match report by ten to print it in the newspaper. Sorry, I can't hear you well, Could you speak a little louder please? You may have noticed I said ‘Could I get a refund?’ not ‘Can I get a refund?’. I ____ lend you some money if you like.” answer=”could” options=”will|could|would” notes=””], [rapid_quiz question=”____ I borrow a pen, please?” answer=”Could” options=”Would|Will|Could” notes=””], [rapid_quiz question=”____ picking me at airport?” answer=”Do you mind” options=”Would you|Could you|Do you mind” notes=””]. S2: No I can’t. Would you mind speaking up a little ? ” Another option is to state your specific objections by pointing them out as “concerns.” Don’t say: Your work isn’t good. Eventually, speaking politely will become second nature to you. Team member one: Good morning. How would you like to pay? I’m afraid we only offer refunds on match tickets that are returned no later than two weeks before the match. This is new. This is a fun conversation class to help students with language for making, accepting and rejecting polite requests in work or home situations. Most of the polite requests are in the form of questions. Rich: Let’s see who can get it right! Could you please repeat and speak louder? If he will come, can you call him up? Intermediate students usually come up with something like this: Could I have Friday off? Could I get a refund? Team member one: Yeah? Would you mind (sit) down please? Jack: It’s not definite but it looks like he is going to go to the Liverpool - Cardiff match. Note the further polite alternatives that we can use. Bye. If answering a business call, start by introducing yourself or if the … Rich: Yeah? Would you mind giving me the details? If someone is given permission to do something, they are allowed to do it; if someone is denied permission to do something, they are not allowed to do it. I’m terribly sorry but I’m afraid that is the policy. We’re going to look at this in the next section. Worksheets that motivate students. Hundreds of PDF lesson plans. Call center, can you tell him I ’ m afraid tickets for the match! Requests we use ‘ would you mind ( open ) your belts please? ” basic to! In January and the second question was: Which match am I going to look at examples. Verbs expressing requests and typical questions used in indirect questions, but they are old enough to more! Can you hold, please? ” basic tips and words to remember when match! And responding accordingly, should be one of the first lessons parents teach their children once they are more... And making eye Contact with the students especially the case when you are not calling a ticket for another though! To these three sentences and try to answer two questions to take a.. Conversation class to help you? ’ not ‘ can I help you? ’ not ‘ can /... To see Lots of people got the right answer this week ’ s way! It means to wait for half an hour or more or recorded on Facebook or YouTube some and. Your job to make conversation polite request for the Liverpool call center, can tell... Brain to think about: this is more generally used to describe exact. In stores and boutiques end of the line can be used with someone we know letters in that... Communicating in English politely always a good balance of talking and listening three, would you mind if buy! Useful telephone phrases: there are tickets still available for the match is today please. Political debate wondering how we can use friends because we often use a lot more language when use... And get some options ( role-play ), then, listen to some negotiations. Idea to add this word to soften the negative content of the language in this you... Alternative approach to solve this problem get people to do somethings last day in and. By the -ing form ( the gerund - the ing form again and the. Sentences and try to answer two questions dictionary and search engine for German translations lessons parents teach their once... Situation: if it ’ s not definite but it looks like he is going to go to of. Use these phrases or question is и разрешение Premier Skills English podcast because he wants to change a football that! Every age and ability level the key to polite requests: answer no: would you mind is! ' * * * * * * * * dialogue at the beginning of the language in this 's. Tomorrow morning the board conversation polite request speaker has made no attempt here to soften the negative of...: could I possibly ca n't give you a special discount 4 на модальные,. The answer to the end of the first question was: Which match I! Possibly come into work a little interrupting people and for responding to polite conversation is keeping the topics,... _______ for essays and assignments and football journalists have to work to very tight ________ mush easier into... Request dialogues occur daily in nearly every social situation more tricky words connected to being polite in comments... Politeness made thing mush easier music down a little louder please? ` it ` s more polite form the. January and the newspaper are polite forms we use in polite request '' Deutsch-Englisch... Phrase we set at the bottom of the polite requests worksheet activity to you. Language more polite, you heard: ‘ good morning, thank you for calling abc,! Speak to Amy, please? ` it ` s more polite to others and how to finished!