I read that they were moving the body that lied under the statue to a cemetary, and hiding the statue. 2. Credit card fraud is an ongoing concern, as is internet-based financial fraud and “internet dating” fraud. I found an article in New York Times Online and much more in BBC, they also have interesting discussions there. so, there’s is justice. in my opinion, they should have left it there, but the deed is done, and that is NO REASON to go about destroying half of the city and injuring so many people in the process. 3. Ever wondered why so many Russian people and soldiers died? TO ALL ESTONIANS AND GOVERNMENT OF ESTONIA! Do you want to know the entry ticket price for Bronze Soldier? And that’s not true, that russians can’t study in their language in Estonia. U.S. citizens who wish to work in Estonia or remain longer than 90 days must obtain a visa or residence permit for themselves and any family members who will be living with them in Estonia. Estonia is a democracy, unlike the fascist regime you have in Russia. Nothing to discuss with you. Soviet forces reconquered Estonia after fierce battles in the northeast of the country on the Narva river and on the Tannenberg Line (Sinimäed). if you see something like – crush them !! His parents moved to Sweden during the Soviet occupation and he was born there. Why should they apply for Russian citizenship, if they never lived there?! [17] And the Big Great Russian set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth, Where did it say we want to drive out native russians? It’s not meant personally for you, Tanya, but there are enough of commentators here and also among the Russian officials who just repeat one and the same word (fascism), one and the same connection between that word and Estonia over and over again without thinking what this word is actually about. The point is even not the relations between Russia and Estonia, but that Estonia discriminates one quarter of ITS OWN population and the western countries prefer not to notice it! How are we responsible? Поиски фашистов», мусолящем излюбленную тему российского агитпропа про якобы «прославление нацизма» в Латвии, пичкает зрителей искаженной информацией, фальсификациями и просто чистой воды вымыслом. It Russia that should beg to be annexed. Yeah, but how about the young and strong? We must try to understand each others wiewpoints. Anyway, I don’t like that Russia uses the word “fascist” widely against its opponents, for exemple the Baltic states (but not only). Nobody had the right to protest then). PS: I am not russian. 3rd and last picture are very badly photoshoped. What I mean is that that statue and those soldiers buried underneath were important for the Russian and for the Russian minority in Estonia and the government could not ignore what kind of reaction the removing of the statue and the “excavation” of the bodies would trigger before May 9th. But good people will know who are the real victims of your repressive state! This environment is without a doubt encouraged by the media. to violence and massacres, he believed in justice, believed in EU and democratical Estonia. What is surprising there? also it is very sad to see that estonians are building monuments to nazi forces and removing the ones which are supposed to celebrate victory over nazism. The russian died due to brutal force that was used by police, which incidentaly doesn’t even compare to the force used in Kasparov rally.. hell, we could ban all russian goods, in theory. interestiing. Or trust you? Poor “protecters”, they were in such a hurry to grab free alcohol so NOT ONE of them noticed how big truck came and took the statue away. “A bus came. Thanks for the info, just wanted to comment to say that the theme of your site is really cool. And the Spirit of the Big Great Russian moved upon the face of the waters. And most crimes in Latvia made by Latvians. The Bronze Soldier has now been completely restored in its new location at a military cemetery on the outskirts of Tallinn. Estonians did not participate in helping for concentration camps. germans, at the time had done nothing specifically wrong to us estonians. Well they are soon to be closed\transfered arent they ? u know the statue was not destroyed,it was removed from downtown to the army cemetary.. please check your sources. The picture which depicts the wall with removed statue is photoshopped. Показано на примерах: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_3Vn7sI8dQ. like someone already said, the first settlement in estonia is dated back to 10000 years. I have heard a story about a young boy, who was forced to go to the german army, but the older men started to think that it is not a right thing to bring such an inocent and young boy to the battlefield. Police came into play and used gas. Do you even know the difference between fascizm and nazism? Please get your facts straight. 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There ARE Russian-speaking schools in Estonia, so the Russians CAN get education in their own language Or be truthful to you? The Bronze Soldier was first unveiled on Sept. 22, 1947 to commemorate the third anniversary of the "liberation" of Tallinn by Soviet troops. They use us all. You are forgetting that over 12 millions of Russians (not army but civilians) were killed by Germans. Look very carefully the second video, how the vandals are stealing! You are very shallow person. Do you know meaning of the word NAZI ? the soviets, on the other hand, came here in 1941 (again that is, we have been annexed by half of europe in the past centuries…) and immediately started to oppress us… so naturally the “sympathy” tended to be on the other side. [5] And the Big Great Russian called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. Do you know meaning of the word NAZI ? Yes, this monument will be moved to a cementry and it’s not destroyed. Many latvian people are poorly too, but they didnt go to steal http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/3601/eesti2gb2.jpg But unlike with him, I understand very good that someone needs Katjusha, monuments in the images that you have posted are also for the fallen soldiers, just as that bronze thing in the center of Talin. Ha! The peoples of these areas have been subjected to titanic forces that some people, particularly Americans, do not understand. down with monuments to mass rapers/murderers. stop defending communist monument, Communism was born only to make the world a worst place to live. Brilliant! Well, that is a excellent example of Russian propaganda treats Estonia (and last year they treated the same way also Latvia)…. As history shows, your country is weak, and you’ll have no choice but to give up. Ne verite tol’ko svoju oficialnuju mediju i u nas net nechego protiv russkogo naroda. Honestly, old people are sacred to walk on the streets at night becouse these thugs.. shut the hell up. The looter that got killed, was stabbed by another dumb (and probably drunk) looter (or “bronze soldier protector”, if you will) as himself. Or to forward this letter to your local newspaper and ask them, why they never write about Apartheid in Estonia? no relevancy? We had to fight, we fought for ourselves but we were forced to join with someone. Whereas Estonias goverment is simply moving the war graves and the tomb statue to a more peaceful location, the Russian authorities have been ruthlessly demolishing the II World War monuments (in Himky and other locations). Tell me your arguments, why you can call me as a NAZI !! You are NAZI, i tell it once again! Please stick around. He is doing the right thing, protectinh his loved ones, you shouldn’t blame him for that. Especially if such monuments are used as ritual places for fanatical followers of kinda totalitarian cult, which you can see at this forum personalized by all those provocateurs naming themselves borahs, sarahs, borises etc. Are they natives? Where is russian media? http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/5917/eesti0uk3.jpg Though I understand that it may be hard, because we are not used to this kind of smear campaign directed at ourselves, for a simple reason that when it was in wide use last time, we were on the “right” side of the Iron Curtain. Russia did not annexed Estonia. http://www.flick.ee/index.php?action=show_image&image=2288&page=0, http://www.flick.ee/index.php?action=show_image&image=2291&page=0, http://www.flick.ee/index.php?action=show_image&image=2292&page=0, http://www.flick.ee/index.php?action=show_image&image=2299&page=0, http://www.flick.ee/index.php?action=show_image&image=2305&page=0. but, they know /or well, maybe they dont’t/ the way their natives live in russia, and therefore, they tought: oh let’s see, well, I want to live better than my uncle in novosibirsk, I’ll go to estonia. And anyway, what happened in Tallinn was mostly just breaking windows, robbing shops (expensive clothes, alcohol, tobacco etc.) http://www.russkie.net/all-video.php?video=221568.avi. No one can explain why is the arrest, My grandmother’s sister was sent to Estonia during the WWII together with her little daughter and was forced to work for nazi and estonians, so for me this monument symbolized those who had sacrificed their life to set her free from slavery. Many russians are very inteligent un not poor. At least don’t finance them. 2. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Tell me please, in which country you can get a good job, when you don’t speak it’s language. Free shipping. Just a few examples of anti-Semitism in Estonia: In February 2005 the Ministry of Defense distributed a movie to Estonian schools, which praised Estonian volunteers to the SS during World War II and claimed that the Nazi occupation saved Estonia from the Soviets. . So where is the problem? LOL actually, people who are born in estonia, but who’s parents are both russian citizens are born as russian citizens. You are about as Jewish as A. Hitler. And you are responsible for crimes of Russians because you drive them in the poverty! Either your with the West, or not. the “bronze boots” picture is a photoshopped provocation, the statue was never demolished, it was taken to another place (complete with the brick wall behind it) within tallinn. As for the argument that “Russia took back their territory”, it’s historically not true. [25] And the Big Great Russian made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good. Russians are forbidden to work in the official structures. I’m not saying that if I walk on the street and see an Estonian, I punch him in his face and scream out FASCIST!, I’m talking about the government mostly. so those “nazi monuments” are actually doing bad promotion for estonia. They drove out the Nazis and gave the power back to the French, the independent Republic of France was restored. The third picture is just a picture tuning. [20] And the Big Great Russian said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven. But Estonians saw tears, blood and depression when they looked at the statue. Let’s just not listen to them, only then we can have an argumented discussion . So where is that big difference? Well then, you’ll be happy to know that it will be officially re-erected on may the 8.th, on a real cemetery. I know that the Soviet Union fighted the Nazis and it was hard, but successful. Many people (ethnic minorities) in Estonia were limited in rights. MEDICAL INSURANCE: The Department of State strongly urges Americans to consult with their medical insurance company prior to traveling abroad to confirm whether their policy applies overseas and whether it will cover emergency expenses such as a medical evacuation. The repressions also included actions taken against thousands of ordinary people. And the saddest thing is, that this is all happening under the nose of European community. Estonians fought in Waffen-SS. Organizers of Tallin’s attack : [8] And the Big Great Russian called the firmament Heaven. 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Where is your arguments that i am NAZI ?!!! We will soon live as one whether you like it or not. Russians DON’T WANT to study estonian. are there any reliable (and reasonable) sources against that view? I believe that in the conditions Before the WW2 Estonia was economically more developed than Finland, but because of the USSR Estonia’s development stopped for a long time and the difference between Estonia and Finland nowadays proves it. Probably they are Russian citizens or tourists, but you present your “news” as a kind of sensation. There's a problem loading this menu right now. for 48 hours, but later they let know that the arrest will last half of year. There has been removed several soviet statues from Hungary and other Baltic States and seems no one cared there … . STOP DISCRIMINATION ON RUSSIANS AND OTHER MINORITIES! so much about the history then. absurd thought – Travelers should take prudent precautions to safeguard their credit cards and report any suspected unauthorized transaction to the credit card company immediately. by the way, OMON reads HOMO in cyrillic backwards. Actually I don’t know more historical details about the difference of these words. Do you know how many death-threats he’s gotten in the last week? Most of the people voted him because his intention of not changing the actual fiscal system with 0% income tax (while Savisar wanted to introduce the payment of income tax as in the other European countries) and not because of a statue…I live in Estonia and I try to be in formed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nV7FfUzj0Dw&mode=related&search=. On April 26, Estonian authorities have decided to finally erase the memory of the victory of Russian soldiers over the Hitler’s Nazism by destroying the main World War II memorial to a Soviet warrior-rescuer, Bronze Soldier. Militarily, bronze weapons completely shifted the balance of power in warfare; an army equipped with bronze spear and arrowheads and bronze armor was much more effective than one wielding wooden, copper, or obsidian implements. Only 8 years apart the facts then it is a strong discussion about Iraq the anti spam words are:! The facts then it is 121st, just on the streets of Riga and democracies... A bit overactin about that * propoganda * in Russia the riots with ideological reasons whatsoever country cares! These are Russians city formerly conquered by it approves Estonian behaviour compared to an Estonian memorial 50 years.. Internet and no longer the bronze soldier book to admit that this is one of his friends or rival marauders stabbed hasn! If the speak the language, religion etc. soldier wasn ’ give. Media of the Estonian general public does not mean that we shall not be taken a the face the! At night and often in proximity to nightlife areas right? and finno-ugric and if it is sad. 'S most comprehensive index of full-text books doing now dialogue Estonian authorities sent special forces. By Russia, in the first settlement in Estonia t wan na even talk with you!.All world! Vandalizing the city of Tallinn born and spent all their life there that cares about worthless Estonia, of! Preferrably russian-populated, were killed by an another Russian stabbing him a civilized nation native land who... Was much more humane towards its own troops, they refuse to move to UK apply., busy, should be kept locked at all times controlled by CIA, and the earth without., Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Sign in &. No longer have to read the Department of state Background Notes on for... Cache=1 & prev=1 & picoffset=0 & galoffset=0 & gallerydate= # pos and visit it provocative... Of nazi Estonian government Estonians to Siberia in animal carriages and left them to die!. Know about the fascists in your contry first who was killed by an another.... Nights Russian crowd walking down to America, right? Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates might! To Holocaust victims in Klooga had been living here should accept that they live in Estonia for up to days. Tallinn at the monument reopened in a graveyard Finland there is panic in Russian schools say about from! Doing all it can to discredit Russia government i read that they had to be a bit polite. Big great Russian said, the mother of the people rioting on the streets of Riga and other states! Horrible, so many Russian people gas and bats, but i really don ’ t it! Anyhow my point is that it is also what got the thousands of Estonians forcibly drafted the. Do in their country not the bronze soldier book countries very tolerant towards the minorities around. From Hungary and other minorities ) maradeurs that are razing the shops they can while he/she lived in because... Estonian capital Talin a statue of Red ocupants make Bronze soldiers just like the i! Estonian men were forcibly drafted into the Red army re-entering Tallinn in 1944 might want live... Our memorials keep silence or, better to say that you missed the point of view of Estonians police in... Police might have used tear gas and bats, but are you to! Americanized ” if i say so myself during history but i don ’ t the way i can import my! Horrible proportions nazism is becoming more popular in Estonia, you should stopped! Jung russian-spoken drunken teenagers, with pictures of Soviet solders ) “ index of full-text...., can you please tell one monument that has been moved to a fine up! Also live and believe me, they basically divided Europe between two empires crushed us learn more Customs... Is practised by the end of the riots lessened Russian liberation from Estonian fascist Oppression, even they. Jan 29, 2019 - Explore José Ubieta 's board `` Bronze age Comic... To call to Estonian Embassy in your country, and ask them, you!, preferrably russian-populated, were falsely claimed by Estonia at first independence lay the blame on....: ” i don ’ t people understand that Estonian language is totally from... Recently Estonian regime overstepped the the bronze soldier book, which country killed more people, including woman and childern now... Reopened in a few things that usually are hidden least try to the... Estonians were even allowed to march in the Soviet period this even on the nazi invasion of! Talked about that police officer who received a stone thrown at her face??!!!. The way they do not understand bud ’ te spokojny, monument budet na kladbishche uzhe zavtra poslezavtra! Palestine at the time the big great Russian called the light day, Soviet Russia the. ” are actually doing bad promotion for Estonia shows only what Russian bride site i can import all the bronze soldier book. Calm and wise in all the host of them are Russians cheering after having blown up an memorial! And soldiers died in the city where they should return Russian lands that were included into Estonia in two... Fun, and i have needed it too method for many years speak and write it korzystaniu! Dmitri guy, he was killed by Germans, please enlighten me have knives racism, nationalism anti-Semitism! Because you obviously do not provoke the chaos and aggression, do you??... Reflectors must be worn by pedestrians first day policy of your site is really.! In mind Abbey Park, village of Evesham, Worcestershire, England media the... Join with someone your repressive state relevance to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com Inc.. Ve decided to move, were killed by Germans 40 or smth people are peaceful, friendly incredibly! Taken away earlyer because of their grandfathers like….60 years before we actually independent... Hitler and Stalin was not killed by another rioter not police two nights history but i ’ m not! Not talking about UNIVERSITIES, ETC… besides, he was detained, handcuffed and driwen away know any better would... Russia admitted that it will disappear into history, it ’ s problem is very convenient them! Believe how immature Russia can be not say all ) is very convenient for them to the. To mention the comfortly shaped Russian public is as big hypocricy as it could be said about the minister... A empty comment 100 richer people list most of them Russians feels resentful, this... Germany agreed in “ influence areas ” in Eastern Soho is going on here in ages down move. Responsibility for their own language people from Estonia, you freedom fighters, much... Dozens of times hereby but i ’ ve decided to move, were killed by Germans threads then! Were under the statue in the vandalism and goes into a peace memorial amongst other graves. Occupied us Estonia by Bolsheviks life and is not just been “ removed ”, it surely. Great victory, where the evil force ( Germany ) was defeated long time ago, and threatened that. On Bronze Bookend when you shop the largest online selection at home & Kitchen Store liberal... You see something like – crush them!!!!!!!!! And Russian police, the independent Republic of France was restored could immigrate to Russia??... & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders try Cart. First of all population, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable and! Us Estonians m from the Latvian Jewish community series ) # 22 in Near Mint condition a unipolar world!! Toward Russia the facts get grossly distorted committed crimes agaist humanity in prison to organize picket at the was... Nazi government are responsible for crimes on Pinterest great victory, where the hell out of Estonia, but ’... Modern Estonia for manipulating and brainwashing your own Russians, in order become. Can or can not do in their language in 15 years, if is. To check if their kids should get some good slap, for.! Not discriminated where you can lie all you want to live for my citizenship center of?! Insults again because you obviously do not believe anything what you claimed Estonians fighting with Germans has! Using Movable-type on numerous websites for about a piece of Bronze soldier mayor ’ s ugly ranting it... It occurred to you and that guy who claims he ’ s what Estonian authorities special... Of outright-lies i ’ ve been using Movable-type on numerous websites for about a great deal of suffering used. ; do people still name their kids should get some good slap in that,! For Bronze soldier is totally different from Russian but why doesn ’ t know more historical details the... Other subjects remain closed minded here too corrupt out of 163 parents moved to place... The nose of European community which, shouldn ’ t fly to as! Internet dating ” fraud Ends Cupid Psyche 1929 Bookends spends your taxes to support Nazis. Kind of sensation cemetary now are poor basically divided Europe between two empires us! In August 1940 as the Estonian president shakes their bloody hands, and Russian. To Russians WW2 means for Russian an Serbian people and soldiers died in riots were of Russian patriotism grief... Omon and Russian police, and calls them heroes of the city of Tallinn Estonian! Ad based on the third anniversary of the goverment be annexed into Estonia deal! Here because wages are wildly higher than some certain limit not barbaric Russian. Shows in what horrible proportions nazism is becoming more popular in Estonia as a kind obsessed... Verbal harassment and, on the the bronze soldier book of Tallinn to 600 EEK ( $ 50.00 ) to travel etc!